Friday 27 January 2012

Versace for H&M

Just a quick post to show you what was waiting by the door when I got home. I missed out on the last Versace for H&M collection due to being a poor student, so this season I made sure I got in there quickly before it all sold out!

To be honest I wasn't really feeling this S/S12 collection, I think some of the dresses look really dated and there isn't a good selection of pieces at all, not to mention the poor variety of prints. I adore vintage Versace print jeans so was hoping to bag myself a pair of 80's reminiscent print leggings or something, but this shirt was pretty much the only item I liked from the collection. I love the cute fruit print, so i'm just happy to have added a little bit of Versace to my wardrobe. I'll be sure to do an outfit post this weekend featuring my new shirt!

I've now got lots of uni work to get on with so I better get myself in gear!


Claudia Kitten said...

Wow this is super cool!
Claudia xxx

Tat said...

very cool indeed

Natalie said...

Oh wow this is such a cool print! And with the gold detailing it's really unusual. Great choice :) x

Mantenso said...

your so lucky to have got this , the shirt is lovely!
mantenso xx

Tessa said...

Wauw nice shirt!
Loves Tessa

Unknown said...

I had no idea Versace was doing this and frankly I'm so excited to see what they've got in store.

That shirt looks so cute! hooorayy for florals!


GeorgieWilding said...

I love the print! That's really cute, haven't even looked at their stuff this season. x

Superblondeep said...

great shirt! xoxo

Imo said...

I didnt see that shirt promoted. Its lovely though

Stokely Rainbow said...

oh my gosh you are beautiful. I used to have pink hair like yours. I miss it :/. Love the blog. I am your new follower :)

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