Monday, 2 January 2012

Spring is coming!

What a lovely sunny day here in England! I've been driving round everywhere trying to find a pair of Babyliss Wave Envy hair curlers, I used my friends on New Year's Eve and fell in love! Typically, they were sold out in every electrical shop in my town :( I did buy a huge sushi platter though so I am happy. A pretty plain outfit today but I haven't done an outfit post in a while so made my boyfriend take some photos... as you can tell he isn't the best photographer!

shirt - h&m // jumper - h&m // jacket - topshop // skirt - primark // bag - charity shop (h&m) // - shoes - underground // socks - new look

I now have to get on with my university work... i'm so not motivated :(
Have a nice day!



Frilly Socks And Docs said...

This is the perfect spring look Lucy ! I've got a lot of work to do too , can't seem to find the motivation arghh x

Lori Nugent said...

Hey lovely blog, would love if you'd check mine out and follow x

maphi said...

love the jumper so cute :D loooool everyone around me is bad when it comes to photography so i always have that issue :/ xoxo

Jen said...

Same, eurgh tres diffcult tryna do uni work.
nice laid backed look btw.

J x

Drea said...

It was SUCH a nice day today, wasn't it? That's a lovely outfit, that jumper is gorgeous!!

Drea xoxo

Petit Chatons said...

Can't believe I've not been following your blog, your Tumblr is my favourite! It would mean an awful lot to me if you could check out my blog, I've only just started :) x

Ella Victoria said...

Love your outfit!!

Anonymous said...

i really looove this outfit and i adoooore your pink hair!!

Hollie Galvin said...

Love your hair and creepers!
Great post

Lauryn said...

this is a fab outfit...i LOVE your hair!x

Remi said...

I love those creepers I really want a pair! I brought my striped leggings off of ebay as well! They are more of a lycra/cotton material really stretchy! If you want the name of the buyer don't hesitate to contact me :) x

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