Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dalmatian Print

dalmatian coat - topshop // jumper - h&m // leggings - american apparel // galaxy top - romwe // body chain - topman // shoes - river island // bag - vivienne westwood // hat - ebay

Hey guys :) another early start and rushed outfit... whenever I need a "go to" outfit I usually shove on these riding pants. They are comfy and go with everything. I'm sad that we haven't really had a freezing cold winter, so i've barely got to wear my dalmatian coat I got for Christmas. Although it was quite windy today so I thought i'd try it out, and although it is very attention grabbing, I love it!

I'm going to have a chilled couple of days as I don't have uni till Friday.
I'll be adding more to my new Big Cartel shop daily so please have a look and of course buy anything you like ;) 
Have a lovely day!



Unknown said...

You look amazing. I love your coat, shoes and hair!! I was going to buy the coat but they didn't have my size :(



Laura. said...

I have this top and jumper :)

This all looks lovely together ! Love the pink top and pink bottom !

Jen said...

ooo never thought to wear a harness w/a jumper.
grrr I know the weather is so annoying, cannot wear your best a/w coats cause its not cold enough.

TheStylePlaylist said...

umm perfect outfit!!

Bang and Buck said...

great blog, love your style hon! so unique!


Bang & Buck

someone said...

OMG i want no need your Vivienne Westwood bag! love the way your shoes match your hair gives your edgy look a cute contrast x

Izumihiiiflower said...

I love your sweet hair <3 :) you are so pretty!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Love your coat! and the pink shoes are stunning :)
regards! :)

Hannah Louise said...

Both outfits are soo nice, I've been wanting a body chain for a while but I feel like I'd get it caught on everything haha.
Love <3

Hannah x

Chelsea Jade said...

Love your coat, and the body chain is perfect :)

Chelsea x

Melissa said...

i love your personal style- the way you've incorporated your hair into your looks is fab too! Now following



Bri said...

love how you put this look together...also that bag is divine :) xx


Unknown said...

i LOVE this outfit! I loving the coat and i really like that your hair matches your shoes :) I'm definitely gonna be checking your blog out regularly!!


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