Friday, 20 January 2012

Say hello...

To the newest member of my shoe family, Damsel.

I picked them up today. I am in love. ($145 from Solestruck)

Today was a good day for my wardrobe! All of these lovely things came in the post this morning...

Sheer blouse, printed skirt and American Apparel skater dress - all from Miss Riot
I saw these gorgeous pink striped jeans on the River Island website, which doesn't offer student discount. I know ASOS sells River Island so I looked on there and was so happy to snap them up for just £36 with my 10% off! Outfit post to follow :)

I'm well and truly a shopaholic.



Anonymous said...

sooo amazing! and I LOVE those striped pants!

XO Sahra

Sian said...

Those shoes are amazing! So are the jeans!!xx

Bri said...

those shoes are so nice...asos had some similar ones a while back and i was gutted i missed out on them! xx

db said...

O_O HELLO DAMSEL!!! I do believe I am in love!!! and those pink and white striped jeans remind me of the zebra gum they use to sell in the 90's... I AM OBSESSED!!!
Darling Bonnie

Unknown said...

LOVE the boots & jeans, gorgeous!

I've given you a blog award, pop over to my blog to check it out :) xxx

Chloe said...

Them trousers are going to look incredible on you!

Unknown said...

Great haul!!

Drea xoxo

Georgia Meramo said...

So jealous of the shoes!! Might have to buy a pair in NYC, if I can walk in them that is! x said...

Oh my gosh! Your new shoes are so lovely! I love a good vintage tapestry print and to see it on a shoe is blowing my mind! So pretty! :]

Kat said...

those jeans are beaut! love your blog btw :)

Isabel Hendrix said...

your shoes are gorgeous!! and I love the striped pants too ahhh <3

Superblondeep said...

ah! you are in my favourite blog´s list in the right column on my blog. checks ;)

TheStylePlaylist said...

OH. MY. GOSH. The damsel is soooooo pretty! i know you're going to style them perfectly. I think i might thave to order those pink and white striped pants!


I'm in love with them! You should, i'm sure the pink jeans will look gorge on you! xo


Thank you honey! xo


Thank you very much, i'll have a look now! <3 xo


Yay! Thank you so much! :) <3

TRUE ZWETA said...

hey sweetheart u got a great blog i follow u now;) maybe u would like to follow me back would be awesome!much love

Chaitea said...

Those shoes.
Oh my goodness. They are gorgeous, though they look slightly hard to walk in xD
I love your style though!
Pinstripe pants are very hot.

unconstrainedYOU said...

I love Jeffrey Campbless shoes! They all have a very edgy look to them! I just brought a pair myself, not quite as out there as yours but still love them x

christian said...

Love the wedges!
They will look amazing!

Shope and Shore said...

Those shoes, oh my gosh oh my gosh! And those trousers - remind me of the motel ones! I genuinely think I might have to buy those ones for Spring - I would actually live in them!
Shope xx


you got some really cute stuff! i just adore those shoes.

GREEDS said...

So glad I just stumbled upon your blog. Such a vibrant post, I love!

Inspiration partout said...

Amazing pair of shoes!So unique!

Unknown said...

The shoes and jeans are gorgeous. Great post and even better hair!

Nesha said...


Plurielle said...

Those pink and yellow jeans are in-sane!!!! I love it!

Tessa said...

Those Jeans are A-MAY-ZING !!

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