Thursday 5 January 2012


Yaaay! I reached 200 followers last night, so thank you very much to everyone who follows me, I hope you enjoy my blog :) If you want, you can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and like my Facebook page where it is easier to chat.

Today's outfit was kind of inspired by Rihanna. I thought i'd try out my new red wig - and I actually quite like it, but not sure if i'm brave enough to wear it out in public yet!

top - asos // jeans - ebay (levi's) // shoes - underground // wig - ebay

Just some silly pics from Photobooth!
I've got so much work to do so I must get on nowwww.



Unknown said...

You look great with red!! That style suits you so much so if you ever want to change your look :) Soo happy you reached 200 followers!! That's awesome!! :D Adding you now to twitter, facebook and tumblr :)

Jazz Banks said...

The wig looks amazing!!
love it.

Charmaine Cowland said...

I love the red wig! It's definitely a keeper! Go out and embrace it, it really does look amazing!

Amber Dennett said...

Arww you really do suit red hair. x


love the hat!!! i think you should wear the wig out it looks so great and natural!!
loving the creepers and jeans i love platform shoes and trainers!

great outift!!



Ruby-May said...

You really suit red hair and your figure is amazing!X

Kirsty said...

I actually think I may prefer your hair red, it looks really good!


megleaisabelle said...

love this outfit. you should definitely dye your hair red! x

maphi bayolo said...

EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH congrats on the 200 followers !!! go go strawberry hat power :D loooool xoxo

Izzy said...

Your strawberry hat is AMAZING. You look great! lOve love love love your style-just had an entertaining scroll through your blog! Would be fab if you could stop by sometime :-)
Izzy xo

Jen said...

Love the outfit gives off a real 90s vibe.
the strawberry hat, sick!
p.s. thank you for the follow, adore your style too!

J x

NRC♥ said...

Well done you and love the jeans.


Isabel Hendrix said...

yayy! congrats on reaching 200! you look amazing!!

fashionitekture said...

happi new year!!!
You look amazing wiv the red wig :)
im a huge fan of ur blog and i check ur tumblr like every other minute! please could u check out my blog

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Live life glamorous said...

Your'e hair looks sooooooo hot!! I like

Lydia said...

gollyyy you look so gorgeous! this makes me want to get a wig off ebay haha. x

Ink and Eyeliner said...

Ohhh my good, I loooove love love your style! This look is just amazing! I'll be following you sweetie!

katymitten said...

Your blouse looks amazing from what I can see..I love the detailing!x

Amy-Rose said...

Oh my goodness! Your hair looks fabulous like that is suits you so much! And your outfit is adorable!x

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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