Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Spots and stripes & my shop

Another black and white outfit today... dunno why I keep sticking to these colours!

shirt - charity shop // skirt - river island // shoes - river island (sale)



Georgia Meramo said...

I loooove your hair!

Mantenso said...

you look stunning! your hair is so so nice (;
mantenso xx

S.P. said...

Love your hair! If I my hair could survive the process I so would.
Strut Mode

Chelsea Jade said...

Perfect outfit, that skirt is great! :)

Tat said...

ehhhhgg why am i not you?!


naomielizee said...

Beautiful skirt!! the stripes are perfection :)


Unknown said...

Love the skirt! You mix patterns soo well! :D

Natalie Molyneux said...

i love this! i'm keeping with the black+white too recently i have no idea why! if i had a flat stomach i'd be all over this skirt! have you seen all the thick b+w vertical striped stuff in at river island recently?! so nice but too expensive! waiting for them all to go in sale :(

PrncszTffny said...

your hair is seriously the best!!!! can't stop staring at it lol

syntheticapparition said...

stripes + broques (i've got the same)<3 <3 feel so inspired

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