Tuesday, 17 January 2012


leggings - primark // shirt - new look (diy) // leather jacket - car boot sale (ralph lauren) // shoes - office

Another lazy day for me, posted some parcels from my shop and read blogs, and thats pretty much it. I really want to attend The Only Way Is Blogging's next event on the 11th February. It's basically an opportunity to meet other bloggers, try out new beauty brands, do workshops to learn how to make the most of your blog, and of course sip on cocktails all day. My friend Jazz who I was hoping would come is unfortunately working that day, so it looks like i'm going alone! I would love to know if any of my followers are thinking of going, as we could meet up and go together to save me looking like a loner haha. Please get in touch!


  1. I think I'm going but I'm scared to go alone!
    Love this btw x

  2. Love your leggings! I want creepers so badly but I can't imagine me suiting them, look amazing on you though!

  3. That jacket is awesome!!


  4. Fabulous candy coloured hair my dear!

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  5. The leggings are amazing! I am thinking of going to the only way is blogging event but I am also scared of going alone haha!!x

  6. I really wanted to go! But i wouldn't know anybody!xx

  7. your looks are so perfect! check out my blog please? I don't think out styles are worlds apart :-)


  8. Your hair is aboslutely amazing! Ah, I love it the colours so vivid :) I really want to go to the TOWIB event, but can't make it this time again! Next time aye haha xx

  9. ooooh you should wear your hair up a lot you have such a lovely face , oh and you have such a nice bum ( not in a perverted way )

    ahhh i really wanted to go last year but i couldnt , i defo want to go this year !!! plz let me know if you're going and stuff :D xoxo

  10. that jacket was a great find!

    wish I could go to the event but I won't be in London till the week after for fashion week.

  11. likey your hair up and your biker is a great find.

    J x

  12. LOVE this outfit- it's soo edgy! :)

  13. how do you find out about the event? love your outfit! :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  14. Great outfit!! Aww I so wish I could go, still gonna be in Ireland :(
    Never realised how much I miss out on when I'm not in London!!

    Drea xoxo

  15. Those leggings are amazing! I can't believe they're from Primark.
    Strut Mode

  16. Gorgeous leggings and love the collar. Your hair looks really nice up!

  17. love ur leggings.. following!.. x

  18. This look is badass! I love your hair too, its gorgeous.


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