Wednesday 4 January 2012


 glittery top - charity shop // leather skirt - h&m // fur stole - h&m // trilby hat - primark // shoes - jc
Had a bit of fun taking these photos as you can probably see... trying to teach a 52 year old man how to use a camera is hard work you know! I actually find the JC Nightwalks really comfortable, though I am yet to wear them out. I wouldn't wear them out drinking with my friends, as I am known to lose my balance and fall over a lot when i'm drunk! Not a good look! So i'd only really wear them out for meals to nice restaurants and bars, but I only really do that with my boyfriend, and they leave me towering over him! Poor boy, haha. So I am yet to find the perfect occasion to wear these jaw-dropping shoes.

I think the time has come to say, I am definitely in need of a new camera. I've had my Canon 400D for 4 years now, and you can tell. It's ever so slow and always says "busy" on the screen in between shots, so you can't actually take constant photos, which is one of the main reasons I got a DSLR! I'm thinking of upgrading to the 600D once I get my student loan next week. I know i'll use it almost every day so it will be an investment. It's a shame though because my mum paid £150 to get mine fixed a couple of months ago, I feel bad if I just get a new one!

Has anyone else had problems with the 400D?

Also here's a few photos from Photobooth this week...

 chain print leggings - primark
 turban - river island
 Sneak peak of my next outfit post!
And my new red wig! It feels so weird haha. I kinda like it though, don't know if i'm brave enough to wear it out yet...

Gonna spend the rest of my day chilling and eating pringles.
Have a lovely evening!
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Joanne said...

Love the shoes, they do look like hard work to walk in though! I have a 600d and I really like it, its my first DSLR though so I can't really comment too much on how different it is to others, I'm still getting the hang of it!

Unknown said...

I'm still dreaming about the Litas you own! These Nightwalks are amazing so couture! The seller's name is: So*Mart xx

Anonymous said...

Omg the red wig suits you PERFECTLY! You should definitely dye your hair that colour you'd look even more beautiful! Love the outfit btw especially the blouse x

Hannah Louise said...

Loveee your new hairs/wigs and I also love that leather skirt, gorgeous! x

*To Wanderlust* said...

love love love the wig, have you thought about dying your hair that colour? x

Unknown said...

omg that red suits you! I love it!! Superrr cute pictures!!


you look fantastic i love your hair colours! great sense of style!!

fl said...

im in LOVE with your heels and your legs look so tiny! (jealous) also we have the same skirt :)

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say this now, get it all done and finished with... im so jealous at how well you pull of amazing coloured hair.

Unknown said...

Great outfit once again, Lucy! That skirt, is to dieee, need to get my hands on a leather skirt!

Drea xoxo

Unknown said...

I love your're so fearless with your hair i'm jealous! the shoes are to die for!

the twenty said...

your hair is gorgeous!

Jenny said...

The shirt with the birds on is beautiful, where is it from? xx

Vicky said...

Your hair is amazing, and sooo jealous over them shoes its untrue xxx

Chelsea Jade said...

Amazing outfit, I love your shoes!!

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