Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Splashing around & £1.50 outfit!

For a few days, at least... we've had a heat wave this week in England, it's been 30 degrees the past couple of days which has been AMAZING, I think we deserve a bit of good weather since it's been raining pretty much all summer! I've been out every day soaking up the sun, and yesterday I went to a lake near where I live with a few friends for a bit of swimming, sunbathing and cocktail sausage, crisps and mango chutney eating. I love it there so much and I always go whenever it's hot, because it's not a gross green dirty lake, the water is actually quite nice! Although, now all the chavs in my town have discovered it, it's covered in litter and filled with 15 year olds :( Why must chavs ruin EVERYTHING?!

Me and my friend Yalda (who has just started her own blog, go follow her!) tried recreating this amazing photo I saw a while ago on Tumblr, by flipping her long hair in the water. It looks so cooooooool!
TOP: Bootsale, 50p
SHORTS: Bootsale, 50p
SANDALS: Charity shop, free (I worked there)
NECKLACE: Charity shop, 50p

I think this is my cheapest/thriftiest outfit ever LOL! Oh gawddd, grand total £1.50.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun! I'm off to another bootsale tomorrow so i'm sure I will be updating you with some more bargains!



Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Gorge as usual Lucy! I've been loving the British weather too! London's been so nice these past few days!

Sade.B xoxo said...

Wish we had a lake where I live! I'm enjoying the sun so much, apparently it's gonna rain next week :( love the outfit!

Laura. said...

ahaha a good £1.50 spent!

Chelsea said...

It's winter here and I am soo jealous of your lovely weather and swimming spot. Where did you get your bikini?

Fiona / A Living Diary said...

can't believe your outfit cost only £1.50, amazing :)
i wish bootsales here where half as cheap and as good as the ones you go to!

that first photograph is amazing aswell, i know what photo you mean that you tried recreating! looks great.

Unknown said...

That lake looks gorgeous!


Abbie said...

wow wow wow, your outfit is amazing for £1.50! :D
amazing, i want to go to your bootsales!! x

MuchTwoDoAboutAnything said...

That lake is incredible! It looks like something from Austria! And you're outfit is sooo nice, especially for £1.50- whaaat! :) xx

Charmaine Cowland said...

That lake looks amazing! x

Jacqueline From Da Block said...

Looks like ya had a ball!! AND OMG...ANY OUTFIT LESS THAN $3 is A OK in my books!!

xx Jacqueline

danielleyc said...

What a bargain! Looks beautiful too :) x

Soph. said...

The price is amazing! You look great. Always love the pink lips too.

Xox Soph

. said...

50p? That's crazy, it looks so good! (And that lipstick is fabbb)
I've attempted the hair flip photo so many times. I always look derpy. Never this cool xP

The Lovelorn

Anonymous said...

The lake looks like it could be in Greece or somewhere like that, it looks really lovely.
£1.50 for the whole outfit, WOW!!!

Emily XxxxX

Hannah Hobson said...

Wow need a lake like that in Manchester!

Hannah xo

Janna said...

Wow you really did a great job taking pictures. And it's amazing that you got such a lovely outfit for only that less. x

Martha said...

Your figure is unreal Lucy! That first picture is beautiful as well <3

Eloise Passey said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! How do you find out about all these bootsales and where are they? I really want to go to some!

Sacha Burchell said...

that lake looks amazing! loving the £1.50 outfit haha! xx

Tia Aaliyah said...

Love how the photo came out :)

Anonymous said...

such a fun post! and girrrrrl, you have a KILLER body!

XO Sahra

Laura said...

The lake looks amazing! Wish there was one like that near me! xo

Zeena Xena said...

You so need to take me here Lucy! Lol xx

fox hunter said...

cool photos and great look :-) can't belive it's been actually that cheap! x

Deejay Speaks said...

gorgeous look and great photos

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