Friday, 27 July 2012

MORE bootsale bargains!

Topshop green flatforms - £1

Topshop heart bag - £2
Went to another bootsale yesterday morning! I wasn't expecting it to be very good as it is a Thursday bootsale, but it turned out to be amazing and I found quite a few bargains! I used to not pay more than a pound per item, but lately I am paying a bit more for things as I tend to pick up better quality items rather than lots of cheapy high street items. I don't mind, I got this lot for the same price as one top in Topshop, so i'm a happy girly!

Levi's shorts - £2
Vintage bralet - £3
Vintage sheer snakeskin dress - £2 (gonna wear it open as a kimono)
Topshop eyelash cardigan - £2
River Island fur bag - £4 (have wanted this ever since I saw it in the shop. Bargain of the day!)
Zara metallic top - £2
Zara cat print shirt - £2
Miss Selfridge floral blouse - £1
Topshop pink jumper - £2
Studded triple wrap around belt - 50p
50p each
50p each
Mirror - £2
Mary ornament - £2




Abbi G said...

ahh fab finds! I love bargain shopping [: xx

Unknown said...

Hello lovely, I think I saw on your twitter a while ago that you live near me! I live in Watford -- I was just wondering which bootsale you go to cause you find the most amazing things! xxx

Graceandbraver said...

I love all of these! Giirrl you've got such a good eye at finding these at bootsales! i normally can't find anything - Probably cause i have zero patients haha.
These are gunna look fab!

Charlotte said...

what great finds!
and loving the new blog design :)

- ordaining serendipity

Helen said...

Sooo amazing, I can't believe how much really recent stuff people are selling off! You found some great things, my faves are the mirror, cardi and that gorgeous bralet. I need to check out the bootsales near me!

Unknown said...

That is a very cool cat blouse,Love it!
great price too.

Liberty Georgina said...

I want that pink jumper! :O
Lovely finds! xxx

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

I can't believe you found so many bargains like that, half of the clothes don't even look like they've even been worn. I totally need to visit some of the car bootsales near mine now!

Law1sfab said...

wow so lcuky these are such great buys, I would love to go to a car boot but can never find any! xx

Anonymous said...

You have such good taste. Your fashion sense is so inspiring! Where do you find these amazing pieces?
Also, please check my blog?! I'd really appreciate it:) xx

... said...

Incredible bargains! The levi shorts and the Topshop flatforms are amazing!

Hola Bambi said...

That vintage bralet is someeeething else!! WOW! x

xxkxxs said...

love the levi's!!


danielleyc said...

Mega bargains! Off to my first bootsale tomorrow after all you're inspiration! Any tips?

LOVE the bralet, among many of your beautiful items :) x

Eabha Elliott said...

LOVE the sandals!!


Chelsea Jade said...

Some amazing pieces here! I wish carboots here were as good, though I haven't been to one for a while I may need to have a wee look. I adore that cardigan x

Laura said...

The bralet is to die for! Can't believe it was only £3! xox

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you do this well!! PLEASE can I come shopping with you?!?!? I especially love the vintage bralet !

Jen said...

OMG the snakeskin maxi dress cannot wait to see how you style it up as a kimono!!

J x

Anonymous said...

Wow - You got some amazing finds!!!

Carina said...

Oh wow you found so many good bargains! I love going to bootfairs

dfordakota said...

you find the best stuff at boot sales!

Dakota at

GemEmerald said...

Wow what great finds.I love the heart bag i have a thing about anything kitsch,i like the black topshop cardigan and pink jumper, everything you got is lovely.I find carboots in the week are usually not very good so im suprised how much good stuff you got.There arent any good ones in the week where i live.I only usually go to carboots on a sunday but reading your posts im thinking of trying a bootsale tomorrow that i haven't tried before.Theres a lot of vintage stuff at my local carboot has theres not much want for that around my area so i get it all to myself.There isnt much fashion stuff like Topshop etc and if there is it goes early.Carbooting is like a sport i think, people will try rugby tackle you to get a bargain before you/from you at my local bootsale lol.Im so addicted to bootsales though, i go every sunday and im starting to run out of space, has i dont clear out anything im a hoarder.Thank you for your comment hun, very kind of you.I will look out for another watch like that for you, that watch was in my local charity shop.It seems the bootsales you go are very good, the prices are good too.I really enjoy seeing your carboot sale finds :) Gem xx said...

I am just speechless for your purchases! The vintage bralet and floral blouse is "........."
***speechless again***

Lovely buys <3

Jazz Banks said...

Lucy your killing me with all of these amazing bootsale buysss

Anonymous said...

loooving all those prints!

XO Sahra

Unknown said...

Your awesome finds make me want to go to boot sales but I never know when/where they are happening. To google I'll go.

Laila said...

Amazing finds! I'm going to a bootsale tomorrow, hope I have as much luck as you!

Laura. said...

wow i need to get to one - i don't know any in the leeds area hmm...

Unknown said...

WOW , Im gonna go and find a car bootsale now.., all of your purchases are amazingg

Sadie said...

You bagged yourself some lovely little bargains! I especially like the zara tops and topshop cardigan :) xx

Abbie said...

cannot believe what you have got!! i don't get any week-day boot sales in my area! x

Floral Danielle said...

I love the vintage bralet, cat shirt, topshop jumper and mirror!
Gotta love a carboot :)

Abbie said...

OH. WOW! You got some amazing bargains! I love going down to my local one on a Sunday but haven't got as lucky as you for a while! xx

Hayley Ann said...

wow want that pink jumper! i recently found a ysl quad for £1 at a carboot i love them! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm always so envious of your finds haha. :D Lucky girl, these pieces are amazing! *-*

Unknown said...

That bralet is to die for!

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