Monday, 30 July 2012

Clothes for sale & moooore car boot sale bargains!

I am in the middle of decorating my bedroom, which means a big clear out. I have listed a few bits on eBay so please take a look!

Ok i'm sorry if I am bombarding you with bootsale bargains in like, every other post. You must be sick of it by now! But you guys are the only people who I can share them with, who are actually interested! Barely any of my friends shop in charity shops or go to boot sales, so it doesn't interest them at all! :( I went to a HUUUUGE car boot sale yesterday in West London, it is literally too big to even get around. It was full of dealer stalls which obviously I just walk right past, but once I got to the genuine sellers I managed to pick up quite a few nice bits. The thing is with London, there's rich and there's poor, so you get such a huge variety of different stalls. So there was a lot of rubbish, but a LOT of quality stuff too! My mum picked up loads of cashmere jumpers for like, 50p each! I had to haggle quite a bit but it was totes worth it.

Vintage yellow striped shirt - 50p
Vintage pink striped shirt - 50p
Vintage denim jacket - £1
Grey striped blouse - £1
Topshop dress - £1
Topshop dress - £3
River Island pink lace crop top - 50p
River Island lace crop top - 50p
Fruit print sheer blouse - 50p
Topshop cropped jumper - £1
Vintage floral button-down dress - 50p (gonna wear it open as a kimono)
Vintage shorts - £1 (gonna cut them into short shorts)
Toshop velvet leggings - £1
Fifty Shades book - £1 (i've actually already started this one on my iPhone but wanted it in paper form too!)
Have you been to any boot sales lately? I'd love to see some of your bargain purchases even if I do get a bit jealous!!



Jazz Banks said...

The Striped shirts are sooo cute!!

Robyn Roxburgh said...

Wow amazing bargains! Love the lace tops and denim jacket, major bargains! I really need to go to car boots! xx

Anonymous said...

What market was in in W London, I'd love to go to one where I live. Looks like you got some amazing bargains.

Millie said...

Omg you find the best stuff, I think I might start car boot sale shopping now!
Millie x

Hen said...

I love how you always find amazing clothes at such cheap prices! :)
Teenage Daydreams X

Unknown said...

wow i cant believe you got those 2 river island tops sooo cheap! they were in sale a couple weeks ago for £15!

Unknown said...

I need to get to a car boot sale fast , you find the most amazing thingss

Laura said...

Can you give me the name of the bootsale in West London please? :-)

Birta said...


Graceandbraver said...

Love love love everything you found!! Especially those striped shirts, they remind me of the 50s.
Nice to see you're reading fifty shades haha xoxo

Rachel said...

Great buys! You'll look amazing in them no doubt!

A Wave Of Want


Hola Bambi said...

In love with the yellow striped shirt! x

Amanda said...

omg the first photo is just breathtaking =)

Jen said...

*huffs* omg you've found the best stuff recently, waaay jealous!

J x

Maria said...

Some great bargains there!! I love the lace crop tops from River Island and the £3 Topshop dress. Loveeelyyyyy.

danielleyc said...

Such bargains, I'm so in love with spotty topshop dress!
The pink stripe shirt reminds me of the old sweet bags you could get :) xx

Anonymous said...

LOVE your hat! and omg, you always find THE best things!!

XO Sahra

Viktória (shake it up) said...

I love these posts! Here is my recent purchase from a secondhand shop! :) Greetings from Hungary!

... said...

The yellow blouse and the vintage floral shorts are gorgeous!

Lydia said...

show us your boot sale bargains as much as you like lovely, they are amaaaaze! none of my friends are interested in charity shop goodies either.. crazy people. you find the most gorgeous stuff! x

Anonymous said...

you make we want to go boot sale shopping so much!! you found amazing stuff!

Unknown said...

haven't been to a boot sale in so long, you've now given me the push to go again so many bargains!


Abbie said...

you just find the most amazing stuff! wish i went to your local boot sales! <3

Socialatte said...

You are a bargain hunting genius!!! My favourite is the vintage floral button-down dress. I have to say I really love these posts of yours!

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

You get such fabulous bargains at the car boot lovely, I love that Topshop cropped jumper too!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture

Follow me on twitter ♥

Natalie said...

The carboots where I live are nowhere near as good as the ones you go to!!! Amazing finds x

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Wow! How do you find out about carbootsales? I never know where to go for them

Charmaine Cowland said...

omg why do you keep doing this too me? i want to go to a car boot so baddd if they're like this!
Adore the yellow shirt the most! But everything is stunning, and so cheap! x

SARAH-ROSE GOES... said...

Wow! I may start having to go to boot sales - what a phenomenal haul! xx

rachel bambi said...

1 pound? seriously?! wow you r talented in shopping! haha

GREEDS said...

This post is HEAVENLY.


JayMarie said...

Cute dress and I love your hat! The leopard print is adorable! Awesome finds!


Unknown said...

Omg you find amazing stuff!!


Kate-Louise said...

bloody hell girl just give me your wardrobe please ;] xx

JOJOxo said...

I bought some Amercian Apperal riding pants for £12 at the carboot last week! check my finds out (they're not as AMAZING as yours) ha Amazing finds girl!!! xx

Madii said...

I love the sheer shirt and the crop tops! I'm so jealous of everything you get :p xxxxxx

Sadie said...

I really need to start going to car boots! I love the striped shirts, especially the yellow one, and the topshop dress. Such bargains! :) xx

Unknown said...

You got some brilliant pieces-I am jealous! I don't normally go to car boot sales these days but I'm eager to check some out!

Abbie said...

Im the same love a bargain some of my friends can't even bare the thought of a charity shop! Me and my sister dedicate our weekends to them! Im dying inside looking at the bits from this booty - AMAZING!! The striped shirts and the floral shorts! You are one lucky lady! Can't wait to see the way you style them in your future posts :-)

TheStylePlaylist said...

so in love with everything! you always find the cutest things!

Charlotte said...

carboot queen <3

- ordaining serendipity

Clara Turbay said...

You have a special way to show the trends that are better for you.

Le Stage said...

I can't believe how cheap everything is! You are a serious bargain hunter! =)


Shevah said...

that first look is perfecttt.


Unknown said...

Wowwww that skirt is AMAZING! I love the entire outfit!


Anonymous said...

Wow what a steal you got these for! I love your black and white maxi btw. It's so flattering on you :)
Shame there're no boot sales near where I live at the moment -.-


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Viktoria said...

woooooooooooooooow the first outfit <3 The Hat <3
Love it!

xx, V.

bravegrrl said...

love that black and white striped skirt! xoxo

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