Saturday, 28 July 2012

Trends for Less: Disco Pants

Since they are the most wanted pants of the year and a must have staple in EVERY girl's wardrobe, it's no surprise a fair few fakes of the famous American Apparel disco pants have appeared on the market. Now, obviously not all of us can afford the hefty £70 price tag, so I thought i'd hunt down some cheaper versions for you guys. After all, i'm a bit of an expert at finding lookalikes and designer knockoffs! I've managed to hunt down 7 pairs so far, so i'll let you decide which ones you think are the best in terms of similarity and affordability. Go buy!



Chanel Kadir said...

I bought the River Island ones last week and they're the most comfortable trousers I own. I love them! The only problem for me is because I'm only 5"3 they are scrunched up and baggy at the ankle.

Liberty Georgina said...

River Island ones are my favourite!
I'm to scared to get a pair because I'd feel like everyone could see my knicker line.. haha!

Jazz Banks said...

Go lucyyy,
Maybe some of these wont be so baggy around the bloody ankle!!

Kirsty said...

They've also got some on missguided for like £20! If only I wouldn't look like an elephant in them

If you have chance take a look at my entry for the competition..



The Missguided ones are the same as the second eBay ones :) just double the price!!

Rhea Dillon said...

Great post, I was about to buy the AA ones the other day. The River island ones look really good so shall try them on soon :)


Unknown said...

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Laura said...

I've been trying to find the best imitation disco pants and I think I shall get the River Island ones! Thank you for posting all of these! xo

Unknown said...

i have the love label ones! however they stretch after awhile! if anyone gets them get them the size smaller!


Anonymous said...

fab post! really useful :) thanks

Anonymous said...

yeah they are awesome.. but they aint a staple for me. I'm too short and stumpy to feel comfortable in them :( sucks, cause I actually really like the AA disco pants.

The Jewel In The Lotus said...

just bought the asos one so i shall tell you whether they're a hit or a shit when they arrive :)

... said...

Debating between the Glamorous and Very ones, undecided!

Aspyn J. said...

man i shoulda seen this post earlier lol

The Jewel In The Lotus said...

got the asos ones, and totally in love, really nice fit, admittedly a bit thinner than AA disco pants but no baggy ankles!

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