Saturday, 21 July 2012

Neon dress & tanned pins

NEON PINK DRESS: Topshop, £25 (sale)
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell via eBay, £80
SKULL BRACELET: Topshop, £3.50 (sale)

Outfit from Saturday night, for my best friend's 20th birthday :) not long till mine, make sure you add the 5th August to your calendars! I finally sorted my life out and fake tanned in the first time in forever. I think everyone looks better with a tan, it definitely makes me feel good! I hate the thought of having really bad skin when i'm older from tanning in the sun too much, so I think i'll always stick to tan in a bottle. Thinking about doing a "my fake tan routine" post soon if any of you are interested!

Do any of you use fake tan and if so which products do you use? I'd love some recommendations! 



Frankie said...

I've seen a few people in this dress not looking great but I love how you've styled it and you pull it off a treat :)


Anonymous said...

Love this dress! Amazing style!

Ruby-May said...

having a tan always gives me a confidence boost too! LOve the neon dress xx

Cátia said...

you look gorgeous dear!

Unknown said...

That's pretty. I love the color on your lips, goes well with the dress and your skin! Love love it. Xx


Anonymous said...

You look like you've just got off a plane from Spain! And the neon dress really sets it off. Stunning!

Anna and Klaudia said...

You look great in pink :)

M I N G said...

You look perfect. Gimme those braceletes :)

danielleyc said...

You look amazing! :) Bargain dress! x

Millie said...

So jealous of your tanned legs! And the JC's! :O
Millie x

Unknown said...

lovely dress, not too sure about adding the JC's still looks good though you can pull it off!


Abbie said...

you honestly look great in hot pink!
i love your hair :) xx

Unknown said...

Great Post! Check out my blog , I post random posts, including fashion, tv, music & books etc and I ALWAYS follow back, so follow me if you like :)

katymitten said...

absolutely beautiful. if i could be anyone right now, it would be you!x

rose said...

Cool dress, you look gorgeous!

rose x

Chelsea said...

You have just made me realize that I MUST tan tonight. I use the sugar baby tanning mouse and it's amazing. You can see it when you put it on so it doesn't streak and it comes on really dark but not orange. You should totally do a fake tan post.. I can never get it to last nicely on my legs! xx

Martha said...

That dress looks really good! I've been seeing it at work and thinking how on earth is that going to look good?? but you made it work! <3

Unknown said...

Your style is insane!! Love this combination. New follower for sure.

Shyla x

Madii said...

Love your hair! Xxx

Anonymous said...

love this look, that dress is so flattering on you!

XO Sahra

Hannah Hobson said...

Love that dress, could never see the potential when it was on the hanger but now I do!
Love your Jeffery Campbells too, cannot wait to get mine next week.

Tattoo very Rihanna!

xo Hannah

Vicky said...

Nice dress worth wearing it.

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