Wednesday 18 July 2012

Jeffrey Campbell - King of summer shoes!

Okay let me rephrase that, king of ALL shoes. I pretty much want to marry this genius... how can one come up with so many perfect designs?! 

Lately i've started buying a few nice pairs of summer shoes (what summer I hear you say?!), even though its still pretty depressing weather here in England. It's JULY and it's still raining pretty much every day. I'm hoping we'll get some more nice weather before my holiday so I can actually wear my cute summer dresses, which have been stashed away and neglected all year. 

As you probably know, I am a huge Jeffrey Campbell fan... if you didn't, where have you been?! I just think the designs are so incredible and like nothing else out there. I remember getting my first pair of Litas and thinking they were *SOO HIGH* but by the looks of all the new designs that are added to Solestruck every day, heels are getting higher and higher and platforms are becoming chunkier by the second! Have you SEEN the "Big Momma" Lita?! Insanely wonderful.

I don't mean to rant, but I can not stand fake Jeffrey Campbells! They are literally EVERYWHERE now, and usually the girl wearing them doesn't even know she's wearing fakes! I don't know why it winds me up so much but it does. Maybe because a girl came up to me on a night out a couple of months ago and said "OMG, are your shoes fake Jeffrey Campbells?"... I nearly punched her in the face I swear. And when people say "Hey we have the same shoes!" and i'm like... bye. And I know everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. But at least JC is good quality. All these cheapy China shoes just break after a few wears. Ok rant over.

If you're a JC fan living in the UK you'll know how hard it is not only finding places that stock Jeffrey Campbell, but managing to actually find them in stock anywhere! Office is almost always sold out and honestly, they don't really have a great selection. If you haven't heard of Doll Boutique, you must go look NOW, because EVERY SINGLE PAIR of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are on sale! GO GO GO!

For a wider selection available worldwide, you know where to go... Solestruck of course! But be careful UK peeps, you have to pay a pretty ridiculous customs charge when ordering from the US. 


Forget in Nude/Rainbow - £80 at

Rosi Fab in Fuchsia Suede Blue Floral - $175 at
Cabo in Natural - $120 at
4 Evz in Ivory Coral Floral - £95 at

Float in Forest Green - $145 at
Abba V in Clear - $110 at

Landers Fabric in Green Black Peacock - $150 at

Suspect in Silver/Clear - £80 at

Starlight in White Rainbow - $130 at

Brazen in Silver - $115 at

Lita Fab in Flowers - £105 at


Oh Jeffrey how do you do this to me... why must you make me spend all my money on you?!



Helen said...

I LOVE the floral Litas!! I will say though, aren't JC Foxys a rip-off of Jessica Simpson's design? (Correct me if JC did them first!) Also the Float is a clear rip-off of Simone Rocha's shoes. I just think nowadays there are always going to be cheaper knock-offs of designer clothes and accessories, but you know you're paying for quality if you buy the originals!

christian said...

very cool shoes!
would love to see you rock them!

Laura said...

The float in forest green are to die for! I must save up! xo

Georgie said...

Omg thank you so much for linking the doll boutique sale! Just bought the lita spike, can't believe how cheap they were, they're not even going for that cheap on ebay! xx

Anonymous said...

omg wow they're all incredible! I love JC!

Unknown said...

I hate being tall. it's puts me off wearing such amazing shoes like these has i dont want to be any taller. :/ jealouss

fl said...

omg i agree i HATE that theres fakes everywhere!!! im dreading the day i see someone in fake lita spikes!!! its bad enough with the fake nightwalks even though i want a pair myself, but i somehow justify it for myself aha. Love your blog, my favourite one to read and i love seeing when youve updated

Abbie said...

i loooove JC's i seriously want them all!! :)
i cannot believe they are on sale eeek!!

Temi said...

Love JC! Those sling back brogues are awesome!


... said...

The Lita fab are stunning! I know exactly what you mean about fake JC"s I feel exactly the same! Except I take it another level as i got my spiked Lita's in New York when they were like gold dust in the UK and american shipping was pretty much the only way so when i went on holiday i decided I had to hunt them down, came back and 3 weeks later Office had them in, I could've cried haha

Chelsea said...

How can people not notice the difference in quality? I could spot the fakes from a mile away! I have to confess I bought a pair of fake foxy heels after spending $300 on a pair of JC wedges that I wore all of three times. If the shipping to New Zealand didn't make them even more expensive than they already are I wouldn't be so hesitant to get the real deal. It definitely doesn't feel the same wearing knock offs! xx

Hannah Louise said...

Soo tempted by the Suspects! You've made me feel guilty for owning fake Litas hahaha, although in my defence they have lasted ages and I don't wear heels often enough to justify £100 on a pair... one day though! <3

Hannah x

WelcomeToTheMoon said...

I agree that JC shoes are awesome as hell, but if we are honest he doesn't come up with many of his designs, rather he puts a tiny little twist on shoe designs from other designers. His do beat the others in prices though! Such as the floating heel brogue by Simone Rocha being over $1,000 and JC's version being about a 10th of that price.

GREEDS said...

A few of those are pretty glorious. I'm impressed.


Ava Tallulah said...

I LOVE Jeffrey Campbell and I think his prices are so good considering how unbelievable and unique the shoes are.

Ava Tallulah
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Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Jeffrey Campbell - the reason girls worldwide struggle to save any money. Am I right?

Unknown said...

Lovely dress ..the shoes are so gorgeous
Jeffrey Campbell!

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