Sunday 22 July 2012

Bootsale haul & outfit

YAY! I was finally able to get out of bed for the car boot sale this morning. I am usually way too hungover on Sundays, but I made sure I didn't go out on Saturday night so that I could snap up lots of bargains. And snapping up lots of bargains is exactly what I did! Look at this lot!!
Vintage leather loafers - £3
St Tropez fake tans - 20p each
Hairsprays - 20p for all three
Benefit Bluffdust, Get Even powder and It Stick - £1 each
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - £2
Elizabeth Arden lipstick - 50p, Urban Decay eyeshadow palette - £1.50 (looks a bit grubby but after a little clean up it'll be good as new!)
Giant peace necklace - £1, gold chain - 50p
The following bits I got in a huge bundle for £20 - each item was £2 and since I got some really good quality bits, I didn't want to haggle as I thought it was a really fair price for what I got! My mum went halves with me too so I only paid a tenner for this lot!
ASOS neon beaded cardi - £2
Topshop aztec print dress - £2
Primark waterfall jacket - £2 (I know it's only Primark but thought it was really cute!)
River Island floral dress - £2
Topshop floral jumpsuit - £2 
Topshop tribal beaded jumper - £2
Lace dress - £2
Topshop silk jumpsuit - £2
Vero Moda glittery dress - £2
Now I realise these aren't to most people's taste... but I LOVE THEM!! I am obsessing over Hawaiian print shirts at the moment so can't wait to get creative on these and cut them into cute sleeveless tie front shirts!
Hawaiian print shirts - £1 each
Vintage sheer floral shirt - £1
Vintage lace crop top - £1
I've wanted a camouflage jacket for ages now, but wanted to wait until I found one for a good price. I definitely was never planning on spending £50 on one from Urban Outfitters or Topshop when I knew i'd come across one sooner or later! Snapped up this baby for just £3! It's a little big but nothing my sewing machine can't fix :)
Camouflage jacket - £3 

VINTAGE NEON VERSACE SKIRT! Love this! £1 - what a barg!
Vintage denim shorts - 50p each
And here's what I wore... excuse my gross face and hair, I was up way too early to care what I looked like! 
666 TOP: c/o Thriftette
FLORAL SHORTS: Bootsale, 20p
SHOES: Underground via Office, £85 (gift)
BAG: Zara, £39.99
BAG TASSLE: H&M, £1 (sale)

Blogger is NOT in my good books at the moment! Putting together a post with loads of pictures is proving to be extremely time consuming and VERY annoying!!

Now that the weather is good, hopefully it's here to stay, I should be bootsalin' every week so will be updating weekly with my bargains! As you can probably tell I got a bit sunburnt today after walking round a field for a few hours, which is why i'm so red! Hope you've all had a fab weekend :)



Olivia McLaren said...

these are some great purchases and at such good prices! can't wait to see how you style them:)xx

Hola Bambi said...

Wow! The topshop floral jumpsuit & the vintage floral!!

Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Lucy! You are the bootsale queen! Where on earth do you go?! I haven't come across any good car boot sales in london yet :(

Sade.B xoxo said...

Love all you're buys and outfit!

Heti said...

I really like the outfits! I just found your blog and it's great! would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin.

Eabha Elliott said...

Your blog is beautiful and so are you! you got some great stuff at that boot sale! Really lovin that grey lace dress and your outfit is gorgeous :) keep up the great posts! <3


... said...

I cannot believe you got all of those things from a boot sale! I often browse my local boot sales and I don't know if it's because I live in Dorset but I'm lucky if I pick up one good item!

rose said...

OMG what bargains! I love carboots! cant believe that you got that versace skirt for £1 amazing! great post, I love seeing what other people get at carboots :)

Rose x

Missy NADM said...

wow some great items and great bargains, i so need to try a car boot sale now :-)

Laura said...

Whenever I go to boot sales I never find anything as good as you have! And that versace skirt is to die for!

Ruby-May said...

you got some amazing bargains!!!!!Xx love the versarce skirt & beaded cardi

Unknown said...

great outfit :) you look so so pretty! and I'm so jealous *_* you bought so many lovely things!

xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

Anonymous said...

WOAH!! You found some seriously amazing stuff! I'm so jealous, you look gorgeous! Love the loafers (:

Riley Ellise said...

I cannot actually believe how cheap they sell this stuff for! The floral jumpsuit for £2, that's mad!

L said...

Omg, this is so amazing! Lucy you are literally gifted with bootsale bargain hunting! Can't wait to see how you style them!x

CathJones said...

What an amazing car boot sale haul!! Where do you live to find such an amazing one??
Love everything.

Cath x

Leanne Woodfull said...

I am in genuine shock over how much you bought, for so little.. everything is AMAZING! Arrrrggggh, wow. said...

AWESOME finds Lucyyyyy!
its crazy, I have that EXACT same black lace dress, except mine is a cream color and was no where near that lovely BARGAIN price, haha :) I can't wait to see how you style these pieces :D

Chelsea said...

Verrry jealous! They don't have bootsales in New Zealand :( Love the shoes and make up bargains! xx

GREEDS said...

Everything about this post is perfect.


Abbie said...

Oh my, wish I went to your boot sale...
Amazing stuff you got!!

Socialatte said...

What an amazing haul! I cannot even begin to pick my favourite item. I think all of the beaded and embellished ones are fab!

have you got any tips for successful boot sale shopping?

Yelena xx

georgia.x said...

gosh you managed to find alot!! love the 666 top!

Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

Wow wow wow! You managed to find some amazing bargains! Ah, I want to just rush out to my nearest car boot sale now haha :)


Unknown said...

I actually quite like it when you don't 'do-yourself-up' so much, I think you look a bit beautiful and natural. A bit grunge! I like! The love the skirt/shorts you have on. Where do you go to these boots sales at? Or is it just any random boots sales?

Unknown said...

the boot sales around me are definitely not this good!

Kirsty said...

I cannot believe the amount you got for that price!! So good.

Madii said...

I can't believe how good the stuff is that you buy! You get loads, the benefit make up was a right bargain! Also love the floral shirt and the topshop jumpsuit xx

Jodie said...

Really really love your outfit here! How did you find all this stuff?! That peace necklace is lovely too :) x

Frankie said...

Neon Versace skirt, what a find! X

Anonymous said...

woww great finds! I can't wait to see how you rock them! :)

XO Sahra

Laila said...

amazing finds! I'm itching to go to a car boot but I have to wait until someone with a car also wants to go!

Laila x

Liberty Georgina said...

I'm in LOVE with your floral Topshop jumpsuit and the neon Versus skirt! Fabulous buys! :)

Unknown said...

You got so many lovely bits, so jealous! x

Anonymous said...

Hahaa omg, considering you didn't care about how you looked and being tired.. you look incredible!!!! I wish I looked that pretty in such a state. Anyway, seems like you seriously scored so many bargains.

Unknown said...

I've always been a little put off from car boots by my unsavoury memories of them, but if this is the kind of bargains you can get I think I'll give them another try!!

Chelsea Jade said...

Amazing how many pieces you can get at a carboot sale. And I for one can vouch for the fact that your hair and face do not look gross here! x

. said...

Awesome finds! I need a Hawaiian top in my life.

The Lovelorn

Jazz Banks said...

Omg lucy so many amazing thingssss

Unknown said...

ERRRR... Can I PLEASE come with you next time??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Unknown said...

Which car boot sale do you go to?! I never find such nice things when I go to the cheshire ones!:( x

Violet E. said...

sooo cool <3

GemEmerald said...

Hey Lucy, looks like you had a good day at the car boot, you got some lovely things.I get loads of stuff almost every time i go to my carboot, i go nearly every week though im addicted! Its the thrill of what i am going to find this time, there should be a carboot sale addict rehab or talk group that i could go too haha.At the carboot that i go there is always lots of cheap vintage, has there isnt that much interest/want for it in my area, which is good because more for me :) its so exciting every week has i find new vintage treasures.I started a blog about my finds but i buy that much stuff every week and in such a big amount i found it hard to keep up with blogging it.You seem to go charity shop shopping and car booting a lot and buy a lot like me, do you ever find yourself running out of space, having too much stuff? how do you manage, do you have regular clearouts? I have been going carboots that long that i filled the house nearly to the roof and i find it hard to part with stuff.I love your blog, i like to see your bargains and how you style them, you have a great style.I really like the flowery shorts and for 20p what a bargain! they are perfect for summer.I like the other vintage shorts you got too they will go with lots of things. Gem xx

Anonymous said...

The Versace skirt!! (heart eyes) got some fantastic bargins there!

Floral Danielle said...

I love the vintage loafers and floral jumpsuit!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous of all your bargains!

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