Monday 10 September 2012

Bootsale Bargs

Warehouse dress - £2
H&M dress - £1
H&M dress - £1
Vintage sheer shirt - 50p
Levi's tartan flannel shirt - £1
Levi's denim shirt - £1
Denim vest - £1 (this is actually childs age 5-6 - how funny!)
Adorable vintage shirt - 50p, love the collar!
Uni Qlo flannel shirt - £1
Jack Daniel's t-shirt - £1
Topshop dress - £2
Camo crop tee - 50p
New Look floral shirt - £1
Motel Rocks galaxy skirt - £1
Vintage skirt - £1
Retro handmade skirt - £1
Sportmax skirt - £1
Pepe Jeans khaki jeans - 50p
Vintage spotty skirt - 50p
CAT BAG!!!!!!! - £1 (in love with this haha)
Tartan brolly - 50p, gold necklace - 50p
Topshop flatforms - 50p each
Vintage denim floral shirt - 50p (love this! soo cute)
Topshop duffle coat - £2!!!!!!
Vintage floral tin - £1 (because I love old tins)

Okaaaaaay this might just be my biggest car boot sale haul yet! And this isn't even all of it. I only took photos of my faves then put the rest in my video, but when I went to upload it it said the video couldn't be longer than 15 minutes, so I had to cut loads of it out. So there is like 10 more things on top of this, aaaaahhh. I had a really lucky day yesterday, the bootsale gods were looking down on me! Sometimes I come home with hardly anything but I ended up picking up so many amazing things.

My favourite finds are... the Topshop duffle coat, I couldn't believe it when I found out the price! My mum bought me the same coat in brown last year for £85 and I went and found it at the bootsale in red for next to nothing! Soo happy! Also the bundle of products/make-up, I literally almost bought the L'oreal foundation on Saturday for £10.99, and I managed to find one, in my colour, at the bootsale for like 30p!

Lucy x

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loulabeth ♡ said...

omg i cannot believe you got that topshop duffle coat for £2! wow! some amazing finds, very lucky! i need to go carbooting more often :)

L x

Unknown said...

So many bargains, So jealous.

Abbie said...

very jealous of your finds! i go to bootsales, and it's usually full of farmer's junk :( x

Riley Ellise said...

I just can't believe how cheap people sell this stuff for!


Hola Bambi said...

The camo cropped tee and the duffle coat! Wow!!! Xx

Dina said...

love your haul. Going to boot sales is my favourite thing to do everrrr xx

Charmaine Cowland said...

how? where? how is this all even possible!
so so lucky! x

Unknown said...

I am insanely jealous! Which car boot sale did you go to!?
This is such an amazing haul! X

Abbie said...

OMG can't believe how lucky you were, such cool finds. I am in love with that handmade skirt, it's so different. xx

fox hunter said...

DAMN IT this is insane! can't get over the fact that there aren't bootsales where i live. you've got so many amazing things (can't believe there're still some missing jahdfsiu) for that price.. i could cry, really! in love with everything, especially those levi's shirts and blouses and arrrghh so jealous! LUCKY LUCKY YOU hehe :-)

Hayley Ann said...

you find some amazing things! im such a car boot nerd, i love them :) i really like that topshop dress, so cute! xx

annalise said...

What good finds :)

dfordakota said...


Chelsea Jade said...

The carboot sales I go to never have stuff like this! Some amazing finds, cant believe the price of the Levis shirts x

Sarah // DOTTY said...

This is ridiculous/amazing. Especially love the vintage floral shirt, kid's waistcoat & Topshop gingham dress. Good going!

Of The Saints said...

Oh my! You did so well, so many lovely bargains. Really like the levi shirts :) x

Carina said...

Where do you go to bootfairs?! You're so lucky!

Alice Barton said...

great finds!!! I got that SAME bag a couple of weeks ago from a second hand shop, love it! xx
word verification if the worst... :(
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Laila said...

amazing finds, as always!

Marlee said...

oh my gosh I loooovvveee the cat bag!!!

Unknown said...

Omg you picked up some seriously amazing stuff, the duffel coat W.O.W amazing deal and I want that coat last year! The levi shirts and the jack daniels top are my favs! I've never been to a boot sale but need to go asap!

Where area do you go to to get all this amazing stuff!?

Kirsty said...

Oh my godddd, I can't cope with how many bargains you pick up, I absolutely love the denim levi's shirt and the pink blouse!

Frankie said...

Great finds :) inspired me to get to the bootsale next weekend if I'm not too hungover haha!!


BURG said...

Woah everything is so cool! I love the bright warehouse dress!

Soi Eight Recycling


Chelsea said...

I love the feeling of coming home with loads of clothes but spending hardly any money. You found so many bargains! xx

Temi said...

Such amazing finds! love the levi's shirts!


Unknown said...

Such amazing finds!! :D

Taylah said...

Love that floral denim shirt, it's quite possibly the cutest piece of clothing ever! Can't wait to see a lot of these items hopefully in outfit posts! :) x

Unknown said...

Where is this carboot sale, I NEED to go!!


The Fashion Native said...

omg the cat bag i love, i think tapestry is going to be huuuuge this autumn too so ye wooo.

matt xxx

lovelucie said...

the cat bag is amazing, i wish car boots were every day!

Lucia said...

OMG all that stuff is amazing i cant believe how cheap you got it all for thats insane1
lucky lucky lady you are!
So happy i found your blog :) new follower x

Unknown said...

WOW! what amazing finds! the levi's shirt is lush and oh my god the cat bag!!! fucking amazing! anyways I have something for you! please read my post

Sweet Toast said...

Please please pretty please with sugar on top tell us where you go to boot sales! I need to know. All the above are amazing, cat bag is adorbs!

Hat x

Jenni said...

I've said this before but you are literally the queen of bootsales!

Anonymous said...

The levi's shirts, jack daniels t-shirt and the cat bag are my favourites, you get so much stuff! Your blog is definitely my favourite xxxx

Unknown said...

what a haul! the tartan flannel! love finding bargains but i stick to charity shops. gonna have to find some boot sales near me

Lola x

Lara said...

I like almost everything you bought, such amazing prices!

Armelle said...

I'd love to cut the sleeves off that Jack Daniels tee and to crop that camouflage tee too !


Anonymous said...

I love the pink blouse and the cat bag!! *-* Lucky you!

Floral Danielle said...

Wow you got so much stuff!
Love the floral tin, the cat bag, the pink crochet shirt, the H&M crochet dress, the Topshop dress (I love!), the motel galaxy skirt (I double love!) and the Topshop flatforms! :)
My most recent carboot visit was my best in ages too, maybe it was a good weekend!
I'm gonna put up the blogpost in a min if you're interested :)

Me and Moustaches said...

I've not watched one of your video's before and now I have headed over to Youtube to Subscribe! Love pretty much everything you bought, especially the blue shirt with the flowers :) I need to get myself to car boots, how do you find out about them in your area? :)

*To Wanderlust* said...

ah wow you got so many amazing bits! I'm always scared of rummaging for some reason! I think i'm too shy to talk to the stall holders aha! xx

Stephanie said...

Loving a fellow car boot hunter! In love with the TopShop duffle. I also blog about my car boot finds...Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Need to start going carbooting!!

Lucy Elizabeth King said...

what a bargain. I love a carboot, jumble sale or a charity shop find. Really enjoying your blog. Im focusing more into my blog now and hopeing to get more followers, Seing your great blog is a good inpspiration x

Elizak K's Klozet x

yishyene said...

HEY I'm pretty damn sure I have a blazer from Zara in the SAME FABRIC as the warehouse dress in the top pic!!

It's awesome!


Luce said...

You found some great bargains! Lovvve the cat bag!! I just did my first post on car boot/thrifty finds! Would be awesome if anyone interested in this kind of thing could check out my blog!

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