Friday, 21 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend

With the gorgeous Sandra from 5inchandup
Yesterday was the first day of London Fashion Weekend, and thank god because it was absolutely pouring down today! I won two tickets via the London School of Fashion and Design's Facebook page and took my friend Yalda with me (see her blog here). It is basically a shopping event for loads of designer's A/W collections, at really discounted prices. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my student loan to come through so am pretty skint at the moment, so didn't end up buying anything. Not that I would be able to even if I did have money! It was all still pretty expensive, but was nice to touch and see designer clothes up close.

We wandered round for a bit and whilst Yalda got her brows done at the Benefit bar, I bumped into a follower of mine and she was really sweet! It's only like the third time I have been recognised whilst out and about, so it was really exciting for me to be asked "are you Lucy from Lulutrixabelle?"... I get sooo happy and overly smiley and chatty! Haha. I also saw Sandra from 5inchandup showcasing her Nelly collection which was pretty cool, she was really sweet and even more gorgeous in real life.

On our way out we were stopped by a film crew for Vodafone, they were soo nice and asked us permission to film us for some kind of short film they were making on London Fashion Weekend. It was really awkward when I had to stand at the top of some stairs for like 5 minutes gazing into space, everyone was looking at me probably thinking "does she think she's famous or something?!" but it was funny, haha. I think it'll be on YouTube soon, so if it isn't too cringey, i'll probably show you all!

I kept my outfit quite plain (for me, anyway!) and went with a leopard print shirt from a couple of years ago along with my 50p bargain Topshop skirt and beloved new Jeffrey Campbells, which unfortunately started giving me blisters, so I had to put on some ugly white socks haha. But hopefully with a few wears I they will be easier to wear.

After the event me and Yalda went to meet my boyfriend Luke, who's office is just across the river in Waterloo. We went for a wander by the London Eye and ended our evening in Yo! Sushi which was delicious as always! Sorry for the blabbering, now for the outfit...
TUTU SKIRT: Boot sale, 50p
COAT: Zara, £30ish (very old)
SHOES: Jeffey Campbell via eBay, £115
BAG: Zara, £39.99
EARRINGS: Topshop, £1.50 (sale)

Love Lucy x

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Hola Bambi said...

You look too gorgee , looks like you had fun you lucky girl! Love the photos xx

Luce said...

Love the skirt! Such a great bootsale find!

Riley Ellise said...

Love your shoes, shame about the blisters!

accidental attractions said...

wow this looked amazing! love the top X

Unknown said...

That skirt is so cute I love how you've styled it!
I was meant to get tickets for this but I'll wait until next time when I have more money haha!

Abbie said...

the skirt is sooo fun and cute, looks perfect with the top :) sounds like a fabbbulous day :D x

Jen said...

love the sweet fun skirt paired w/those JCs.

J x

Unknown said...

You look amazing!! :)
Looks like so much fun!

Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Gorge as per usual!


Unknown said...

love your Jeffreys

Lola xx

Chelsea said...

Your skirt is so cute! Your photos are lovely to look through xx

Sophie Lambert said...

Wow it looks amazing!!
Wish I went! x x x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a fun event! Aw, you get recognised, how cuute :) I've never been recognised haha, you're so faamous! xD I loove the skirt btw, I just have a thing for petticoat like skirts. They're so cute.

Unknown said...

that skirt is soooo awesome you pretty lady
t h e l o v e l y s h a d e s of p e p p e r

Luce said...

Which tripod do you use? Please reply! X

V.LoveChild said...

Gorgeous oufit, as usual! Love your style!


Anne said...

Great post! I really love your blog <3 Would you maybe like to follow eachother? Love, Anne.

Rebecca said...

Great photos. You look gorgeous! I really like your hair like this. It really suits you :)

MiKu said...

You are soooooo cool...your combination us fantastic...your hair ist lovely.....

Sarah said...

gorgeous as always! & I'm very envious of all your amazing clothes and shoes! haha



Karen Ussene said...

OH WOW YOU'RE SO LUCKY! And you met Sandra >.<

M's Choice said...

love the boots!

Kiss, M

Ag said...

Beautiful Photos, lovely outfit!

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