Sunday, 23 September 2012

eBay Bargain Finds #5

1. SEQUIN CLUTCH - £10.80 + £3 p&p
This clutch is adorable and comes in several different colours... perfect to add a bit of glam to your outfit, or even use it as a make-up bag or iPad case!

2. TRIPLE SOLE CREEPERS - £19.99 + £3.49 p&p
If you dare to wear triple soles then these are an absolute barg, considering the real deal are about £100!

3. ROSE JUMPER - £12.59 + free p&p
The cheapest Wildfox knockoff i've seen. Even on Romwe these are pretty expensive, but this is just too much of a bargain to pass up!

4. SEQUIN CROSS SHORTS - £12.88 + free p&p
Another amazing Wildfox dupe, I have these myself and they are gorgeous!

5. RED SHOPPER - £17.95 + £2.99 p&p
Half the price of the Zara one, and pretty much identical. I love it in this autumnal red colour!

Enjoy! Lucy x

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Roxanne Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Ahhh the rose jumper is perfect! :D


Hola Bambi said...

Jumper + bag <3 x

jordane yasmin said...

ah i need those shorts in my life, they are actually perfect! xxx

honeyyblossom said...

love these items!
more of this kind of posts!! :-)

Abbie said...

argh! i would just love the rose jumper and amazing shorts! <33

Kirsty said...

Thank you for this post!! That jumper has gone straight into my watch list x

Unknown said...

gorgeous, im off to get those shorts now haha xx

Unknown said...

Oh I love a ebay shop me! That would actually make a gorjiz outfit if you used the silver bag as a make up bag. Now I'm going to have a lil nosey through the rest of your blog as I do like what I see from this post.

Nicole x

Lauren said...

These are by far my fave posts by you! so useful, thank you :)


yishyene said...

Your eBay finds are super awesome!! THANKS so much for sharing.. (so bad for the wallet tho)

Unknown said...

AMAZING finds.. i never seem to see them on ebay. Love the Wildfox copy :)

Em. said...

LOVE this bag! I needs to get me one!

Great finds!




Jazzie said...

I've been searching for those shorts for ages. Really great post.

Ria x

Livia Anggraeni said...

Love the stuffs!
Mind to check out my blog?
maybe we can follow each other :)

Nadia Bachmann said...

I need the creepers! :O

Melissa said...

I love these so much. I really want a pair of creepers.

<3 Melissa

Kristen said...

I love these Ebay posts! You find such great stuff!! I need to learn how to search like you!:)


Gittemary said...

I love love love your style!

Huge hugs

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