Saturday, 22 September 2012

Bootsale bargains

Benefit perfume - £5, Clinique make-up remover - 50p, Lancome cleansers 50p each, Rimmel fake tan 40p, L'oreal foundation 40p
Fake Bake tan - 40p, Aloe Vera gel 40p, Simple cleanser 40p, L'oreal BB cream £4 (brand new)
Leopard print midi skirt - £1
Topshop neon embroidered top - £1
Vintage denim skirt - 50p
Handmade sequin blazer - £1
Amaaazing giant floral scarf - 30p
Fur scarf - 30p, Chanel belt - 30p

Just a small haul today. I've started buying way more beauty products lately after becoming obsessed with YouTube beauty gurus! I really need to start taking better care of my skin so have been looking out for a few different cleansers and moisturisers to try. I also picked up a brand new BB cream for £4, more than I usually pay but since it was new I didn't mind, I wanted to buy one from the shops anyway so i'm very happy with that. 

My bargain of the day is definitely the Chanel belt! I'm pretty sure it's fake since this a Moschino design however I absolutely love it! The N has snapped and needs to be superglued back together and the belt is a bit battered so I might put the letters on a new belt, but for 30p I really can't complain! Super happy with that :)

Off to another boot sale tomorrow so i'll probably show you a few more bargains then.

Lucy x

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Unknown said...

I love car boot sales! the skirt is so nice xx

Riley Ellise said...

The sequinned blazer and cheetah print skirt are lovely!

Sarah said...

The chanel belt is great for 30p
I'm always so jealous of your finds!

Unknown said...

seriously where do you find boot sales like this?!?!? xo

Unknown said...

Incredible! I've never been to a boot sale but this really makes me think I should go! x

Hola Bambi said...

Chanel belt love it!! X

Danielle Rose said...

You always get the best buys! xx

Hayley Ann said...

where do you go for your car boot sales? my favourite benefit perfume! such good finds, love the collar xx

Stylestrukk said...

Amazing leopard skirt!! What a barg x

Chelsea said...

That belt is amazing! I've never even seen it before.. let alone for 30p! xx

nicolina(: said...

You always find such great stuff! Everything looks amazing,especially the belt!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to a car bootsale :( everything you've got looks awesome! xx

Gavina said...

Amazing bargains, so jealous!

Anonymous said...

OMG literally need to stalk you! You find such amazing things :P xo

Kirsty said...

That BB cream is really good! Total bargain for £4. Love the belt and sequin blazer too x

Luce said...

Awesome finds! You find some great pieces at boot sales! I just did a blog post on my boot sale finds from this weekend would be cool if you get chance to check it out

Abbie said...

sooooo jel of your finds! xx

Dina said...

Omg that belt!! xxx

Unknown said...

I've always been a bit skeptical about charity shops and boot sales and everything but after seeing the amazing things you got for so cheap, I'm gonna have to start looking!!

Rebecca said...

Leopard skirt + Chanel belt = priceless. Amazing.

Em. said...

Majorly jel of these amazing finds!

Definitely a new follower!




Anonymous said...

LOVE that belt! you find the most amazing things!

XO Sahra

Unknown said...

the skirt is soooo lush! and i love the fur scarf and chanel belt.
also the beauty products are such bargains,
wish the car boot sales near me did decent things!

Anonymous said...

Chanel belt is pretty cool but my fave is the vintage denim skirt. I've been looking for a skirt like that for ages.

galaxycaramel69 said...

Amazing finds, soo jealous!! I need to start looking harder at car boot sales! X

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