Tuesday 28 May 2013

eBay Bargain Finds #8

A few more eBay bargains for you. I've been spending waaaay too much money on clothes and shoes recently! My only excuse is that I have also sold a looooot of clothes, so obviously I need to fill that empty space ;)

The first dress is actually a MinkPink dress, I reckon it's exactly the same and probably from the same supplier in China, so maybe these are just leftovers or something. Absolute barg for a dress which was originally £60! The gorge tie-dye kimono, which I wore in an old outfit post here, has been floating around eBay for a while, but it's now going for just a tenner!

Enjoy :)



Unknown said...

Those shoes are amazing! Hope you're feeling a little better today Lucy xo

A ♡ said...

Love those white sandals! My bank balance hates you! haha x

Unknown said...

Love the New York tee!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these NY t shirts at the moment - great list xo

Olivia said...

that elephant dress is adorable! xxx

Olivia | Queen Of The Jumble

Sara Grilo said...

Thank you for this!
*personal blog*

B said...

The first dress is perfect, I'm probably going to get it! Great post!


Dressed By S said...

Just bought the tye-die maxi from somewhere else!!!
How annoying
S xx

Josie said...

I should NOT have read this post, I'm supposed to be on a total spending ban but now I've just gone and bought that skort! xxx

Lara said...

I'm liking the look of numbers 2, 6 and 7 :)

Unknown said...

im so in love with the white sandals, have been for ages! so glad to see them somewhere!

Hayley xx

T said...

I always love seeing your Ebay finds posts!
Fashion Ganache.

Wieteke said...

I love those shoes!! So jealous because as a dutch eBay shopper i have to pay so much shipping costs:( x Wieteke
Meant To Attend

Twin Vibes said...

OMG, is that an elephant dress?! love it!

Deejay Speaks said...

the red shoes are incredible,oh my gosh I love them!
Deejay Speaks

Unknown said...

I've been eying those sandals for a while, love the chunky sole! xx

Abby said...

Absolutely love the tie dye dress!! xx

Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

All These Little Secrets said...

Love ebay finds!

x x

Unknown said...

Oh my god, can't believe you found a skort for £4, I will be purchasing that!
Thank you! :-)

Mickala Mitchell X


Anonymous said...

I love the shoes and the jersey :)
Jessica xx

Anonymous said...

I want numbers 3 and 7! Amazing post



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The Glitter Den said...

I salute you for finding those shorts!x

Tabea said...

The three items I want to buy don't ship to Germany :S The shorts, the elephant dress and the kimono-dress are to die for! Such bargains!

Ashleigh - www.beingashleigh.com said...

Love the first dress but I don't understand the sizing ha!
Ashllyd.com x

Unknown said...

Check out my latest post on my blog please x

hannahgkg said...

I really want to get the skort but I'm worried about any tax/customs charges! Did you have any when you bought it? X

Unknown said...

Such a good post!!! Those red shoes are insane :)



Georgie Mullen said...

love it!! xx

Unknown said...

Just ordered those beautiful white shorts. thank you so much! x

Gabrielle James said...

i neeeed the tie-dye dress!! ♥


Sophie Likes To Write said...

Number 3! :O Some great finds here :)



Zandra May said...

Want the white sandals! Such a good copy of the more expensive vegabond pair! x


Unknown said...

I have just done a review on the zara look alike skorts! They are such good quality and get delivered so quick! :)

www.mickalawears.blogspot.com <3

Anonymous said...

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