Tuesday 21 May 2013


DAISY DRESS: c/o Motel Rocks (get 20% off with code LULUTRIXABELLE)
FRINGED BAG: Urban Outfitters, £25
BOOTS: Office, £72
BODY CHAIN: Topman, £1.50
STUDDED BELT: Car boot sale, 50p
CAT EARS RING: c/o A Weathered Penny
SPIKED HEADBAND: c/o A Weathered Penny

Hello my darlings! Sorry for the few days away from my blog - I have been a busy bee this weekend re organising my room. I've made two trips to Ikea to buy new furniture (and lots and lots of cushions and bedding etc, I just can't resist when I go there!) I've decided to swap my big Laura Ashley iron frame bed for a little single, i've been wanting to for a while because it was simply taking up way too much precious bedroom space and my gosh, my room feels so much bigger now! I got the Hemnes Day Bed and i'm in love. It's the most practical bed ever and is so pretty. I've wanted it for a couple of years now and finally saved up enough money to buy it. It's a day bed so you can arrange cushions round it in the day to look like a sofa, and it also pulls out into a king size bed which is amazing. It also has 3 huge drawers underneath which is so handy! I just can't stress how amazing this bed is. Definitely get it if your double beds take up too much room - and if you ever have anyone to sleep round, you can just pull out the trundle and ta daaaa. I also treated my shoes to a new cupboard (haha, they deserve it) as they were getting tooooo dusty sitting up on my shelf before. I'm planning an updated room tour video/blog post so you'll be able to see the finished result soon! :)

Enough babbling, Motel have done it again with this fabulous little number! I love it so much, it's my new every day dress when I can't be bothered to put an outfit together - things like this are just so easy to wear and still look so cute. 

I'm also wearing another new set of extensions. It's becoming a bit of an obsession! These lovelies are wavy ones, i'll be reviewing them soon on my YT channel.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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Andini Ria said...

So gorgeous! Love the mix of floral, fringe, studs and buckles <3


Unknown said...

You look gorgeous, the dress is awesome!
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Jasmine Brown said...

Your hair always looks so amazing!
Love your youtube channel, its got me back into car boot sales :-)


x x x

Abida said...

please do a room tour or makeup collection LOVE YOUR BLOG AND YOUTUBE

Unknown said...

Stunning xo

luna said...

Gorgeous! The bed sounds amazing too

Hannah Louise said...

Love this dress - I want everything in that daisy print! Looks fab with the boots <3

Hannah x

Dressed By S said...

Dress is gorgeous!!!
love the body chain with it
S xx

Unknown said...

in love with the print on the dress

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous and I'm obsessing over your bag xo

Unknown said...

Beautiful :) Love it!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous look! Serious wardrobe envy! x


Anonymous said...

love the layering of the belt and harness!


Lorna Ann Kenny, ลาน​ นา said...

you look great here, and you really suit your hair like this! seriously love love love this look.

Sophie said...

This dress looks gorgeous on you - the print is so pretty!

L said...

Such a lovely dress! You look fab and I really think your style is awesome <3 Have a great day ^^


Unknown said...

stunning outfit! I LOVE that dress :O

Hayley xx

Natalie MacDonald ♥ said...

absolutely gorgeous as always Lucy!(: Your bed sounds amazing and I have just had a look at it via your link and its so practical! love it :) xo

Shabby Chic and Tea♥

Abbie said...

That dress is lovely, and your hair is looking amazing! Love the wave! Can't wait for your room tour vid xx


emily said...

Yep... definitely need this dress and bag in my life! Looking amazing x

Underneath The Lights

Sophie Spaldin said...

Love this outfit! Especially your dress x

Anonymous said...

The shoes are SO perfect!


Charlotte said...

I love the dress and the bag is amazing!

Dungarees Please said...

Love the bag!

The Style Rawr said...

Such a yummy dress, love it with the harness! <3


*To Wanderlust* said...

lucy you're perfect! I love that dress with those boots.
Did you decide against the whole gold hardware issue?
Either was they look fabulous!



Unknown said...

Such a beautiful dress!! I'm so obsessed with those dresses you can just throw on and they look really pretty without any effort. And those boots are so cute, I loveee my white coltranes like these!


Mae | british explorer said...

ohhh my god i love this outfit!!!! xxx

Georgie Mullen said...

your hairs incred!! it looks so natural xx

Tanya said...

Gorgeous dress and your extensions look amazing! Can't wait to see your new room, that bed sounds pretty great.

Little Black Russian


Floral Danielle said...

I love this dress, especially with the body chain! :)

youlikemyunicorn said...

why do you have always the best shoes in the world?

you look great. buuuut i dont know, i do not really love the maxi dresses..

lemonade-lifestyle said...

Well, we know what we're spending our wages on!

Lemonade Lifestyle xx


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yes good pics admin yeah baby <3 ;) oFff

Lucy Elizabeth King said...

Great Dress, and im really impressed with the price of your body chain, and from Topman!!! excellent.

Great post as always

Lucy xoxo

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