Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Oh to win the lottery. I always moan how I never have and never will win the lottery - but I never actually buy a ticket? You gotta be in it to win it, so I think i'll start playing. Somebody's got to win right?

Here's my "if I was rich" summer wishlist - perfect for my 6 month holiday around the world before I treat myself to 3 new cars, a couple of mansions and a private jet. I'm so in love with the orange shorts - imagine pairing them with the white bra top, fringed sandals and some gorgeous underwear from Myla - the PERFECT summer outfit. A girl can dream right?

Anyone wanna lend me a few thousand pounds?



Soph. said...

So many beautiful things. I wish too! Xox

Chelsea Jade said...

Those orange shorts were made for you, and that maxi dress is a beauty! xx

leopardheels said...

love the sandals:)x

Sophie Likes To Write said...

Love that Josh Goot skirt, the colour's to die for!


Floral Danielle said...

Love the peplum and white crochet dress! :)

JessicaRoseTurner said...

The Josh Goot bubblegum skirt is amazing. Gimme!!

Unknown said...

Awesome wish list, LOVE the peplum top

♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Unknown said...

Gaah Myla is one of my fav underwear brands, I have a velvet and mesh striped set from there and it's soooo comfy and cute! All of this stuff is amazing, especially the white leather bra let!!

lucy jarvis said...

I have far to many items in my 'if I was rich' wishlist :(! I love the underwear!
Think I might start buying lottery tickets too

lucy xx

Anonymous said...

I want everything!

Emma x

Unknown said...

That peplum top is lush! If only everything wasn't so expensive

emmi x

Dressed By S said...

Oh my god so many nice pieces!!
S xx

Unknown said...

this list is so perfect!
the grey check set is absolutely dreamy -

Jane @

Anonymous said...

LOVE! Those maxi dresses :)
Jessica xx

Vicky said...

If i was rich, i will buy so many beautiful dresses and nice shoes

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