Saturday 11 May 2013

eBay Bargain Finds #7

A few more little gems for you all lovelies :) You can't go wrong with a transparent rain mac at the moment, especially with England's un(predictive) weather (we all know it's hot and sunny one day and pouring down the next!). Let's face it, Wildfox are way too overpriced for us skint students... and even if I was rich I probably wouldn't spend £200 on a thin holey jumper. This one is suchhh a barg and looks exactly the same! How sassy are these sunglasses?

Click the numbers to be taken to the listing!


I'd be so appreciative if you could nomiate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards under "best established fashion blog". I know it's a hassle but i'll be eternally grateful! <3


helloellaxo said...

Thank you for these! Love the sunnies.


Maria said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE eBay finds posts. Thank you so much! Keep on being awesome :)

Maria Wears

Jen said...

love 5 + 4 is so Alexander Wang.


JessicaRoseTurner said...

That rain coat will be mine!! It's amazing! X

Carina said...

Wowow those shoes are beautiful!! Great picks :)

Gemma Talbot said...

The number 4 heels are gorgeous! They look just like a pair I have seen in Zara but half the price x

Unknown said...

You always choose the greatest picks! You're definitely inspiring!

Dressed By S said...

LOVE that rain coat!
Great finds
Already have the heels
S xx

Kristiana Vasarina said...

Is it crazy that I was just checking out those wedges on ebay?! Can't decide between black or white, though!

Andini Ria said...

Amazing picks, especially love the wildfox jumper and black heels!

Anonymous said...

The wildfox jumper is an amazing find! loving the chunky white heels need them in my life! :)

Belinda | fashioncrossing xo

Anonymous said...

great post!! xoxo
please, visit:

Sophie Likes To Write said...

Love the sunglasses and the white platforms, they're almost identical to a pair I've been lusting over in Office for months!


Anonymous said...

I read these religiously, give me such inspiration for my many hours of trawling through ebay!


The Eleganter

The Eleganter

Fam said...

Those shoes are hot!!!!

Julia Dee said...

I agree! These posts are awesome.

Unknown said...

You always find the best things! Love the shoes.

Sam xoxo

Mel said...

agreed about Wildfox. cute post :)


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