Thursday, 22 November 2012

Misses Dressy

DRESS: c/o MissesDressy

A couple of weeks ago I went to a best friend's 21st birthday party and since she is the most over the top, extravagant girl I know, of course it was Hollywood glamour themed! She had decked out her garden in marquees, Hollywood decorations, an impressive food spread, fully stocked bar, an amazing cake and even a red carpet! But honestly, I wouldn't expect anything less from her haha. Everyone was suited and booted in tux and ball gowns, which was the perfect opportunity for me to wear this ah-mazing dress from MissesDressy. When it arrived I was pretty overwhelmed by how stunning it is - the material is so thick and luxurious, I actually felt like a million dollars!

If you're looking for prom dresses, designer dresses and more for a special occasion, make sure you check out Misses Dressy. It is based in the US, so you will have to pay customs charges but it is so worth it. I paired my dress with my silver glitter Litas (which are hidden underneath, red lippy and minimal jewellery - I felt like the amazing jewel encrusted shoulders didn't need anything else. It was such a good night and was so nice to actually get reeeeeally dressed up for once, because I rarely get to do that!

Love Lucy x

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Heather Louise said...

Wow what an amazing dress, looks amazing on you! x

Unknown said...

Love the decorations, looks fun! Like how you've done your makeup, your skin looks amazing!

Katie x

beewaits said...

Oh man her party looks super fun! Love the shoulder detail on the dress xx

CharissaRae said...

Oh wow you look like a movie star! This dress is absolutely STUNNING. xx

Dressed By S said...

Wow party sounds like an absolute blast
And you really do look like a million dollars!
S xx

Hannah Louise said...

The shoulder detail is amazing, you look fab!

Hannah x

Anonymous said...

wow, you look absolutely stunning, lucy!! so gorgeous <3

XO Sahra

Gemma Talbot said...

The colour looks great on you and love the shoulder detailing xx

uniqu3youth said...

you look stunning in that dress!

*To Wanderlust* said...

What a great party theme ! That dress is amazing, you looked a million dollars. Haha ! xx


Graceandbraver said...

You look stunning! xo

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

wowow so stunning,your make-up is flawless! :)xx

Charmaine Cowland said...

stunning dress!
you look beautiful, love your hair like this!

TheStylePlaylist said...

you look so freaking amazing Lucy!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant theme for a 21st! You look absolutely stunning in this dress, like a 1950s movie star!
Bemsy x

Abbie said...

Wow you look HOT! Such a cool idea for a birthday theme to! xx

JP said...

Absoluetly stunning, so different from your other posts. Shows how easily you can switch between look and styles and how great you look in them. x

Unknown said...

That's so pretty!
-Heather x

Unknown said...

Oh my god the party looks incredible! You are so stunning Lucy, that dress looks perfect on you.
Megan xxx

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

This look oozes Hollywood glamorous lovely - you look stunning and what a fabulous themed birthday party for your friend to have, that cake is amazing too! I wouldn't want to eat it!

Eda x

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


Unknown said...

such an amazing dress!! looking fab! xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Ellen Grace said...

I think this has to be my DREAM dress! You look amazing! :)


Laura said...

Beautiful!! xx

Shauna said...

You have awesome style!

EtechnoView said...

It’s look so beautiful! I am enjoy and love it very much.and I love very much sexy and wonderful dress.
Hope you had the greatest time living it up!!
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Unknown said...

Very cool dress! Such a nice color dress shown in pictures, love it! Thanks for sharing.
Dressy Tops UK

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