Friday, 2 November 2012

Miss you

TROUSERS: Urban Outfitters, £22 (sale)
JACKET: ASOS via eBay, £84 (similar here)
POLONECK: Car boot sale, 50p (similar here)
SHOES: Aggy x Dr Martens, £150 (10% off with code CQHC5)

Hey everyone, i'm so sorry for not blogging in nearly a week! I've had a pretty depressing week, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know that one of my beloved cats died :( I'm heartbroken, she was honestly the cutest little thing ever and we are all extremely upset at home. It really is like losing a family member. Nobody will ever understand the love my dad had for her especially, she was literally his little baby. I've never seen my dad cry in my whole entire life, so it was really horrible to see him cry. She used to lay with him every day, follow him around everywhere and constantly be on his lap or next to him at the dinner table, it was the sweetest thing. She was very old, about 17 we think, and went missing for a couple of days. Apparently cats do this when they are close to death, they go off on their own to pass away, which of course is very worrying for us as we had no idea where she was - if she was dead, or if she was suffering in pain somewhere. Luckily a neighbour found her in their garden and handed her in to the vets, but sadly it was too late and she died, of a fit we think, as she had a few before. :( It all went so quickly, she went missing and within 2 days she was gone forever. I am so gutted, i've had her most of my life so she will be greatly missed. I went to identify her body with my mum yesterday, and it may have been the saddest thing i've ever seen. I'm glad I went though, I got to say goodbye and stroked her little peaceful, lifeless body. Ok now i'm going to cry again. Love you and miss you little Alice.

One thing it did make me realise is just how many photos I have taken of her - I put together a folder of photos and it was at least 200! I plugged in my old portable hard-drive, which holds every single photo I have EVER taken since I first got a camera phone. LITERALLY! Every single photo. It's amazing. So a little tip for you all - take more photos! It's also so interesting to see how your house changes, family members, friends, etc. I have alllllways been a keen photo taker, and my little hard-drive literally holds my life. People always used to think I was weird, snapping away on my camera all the time. But i'm the one who has all the memories now! Most of the photos I don't even have any memory of, so it's so nice to look through and remember things, like little Alice. So, go go go and take lots of photos!

Ok now i'm going to drench you in her cuteness. Sorry if you aren't a cat fan, but you can't deny that she was the prettiest cat there ever was. She should have been a model.

P.s. my boyfriend thinks the way to a girls heart is through new shoes. He is right, and he did succeed in cheering me up a little bit, and I would usually be absolutely over the moon - but then I remembered her little furry face. But I do appreciate him a lot. So thank you for the shoes Luke. :)


Miss you baby!
Lucy x

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Lou @ louannamarie said...

Sorry to hear about your cat Lucy. One of mine went near enough the same way a few months ago at 18 years old and I don't think anyone knows how painful it actually is unless they've been through the same thing. Keep smiling :)
P.S those pants are gorgeous xx

Laura. said...

so sorry to hear about your cat :(

p.s the shoes are the bomb!

Aspyn J. said...

beautiful outfit. sorry to hear about your cat, girlie. :(

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear about your cat Lucy - she really was a cutie wasn't she :) I would love a cat, I know how you feel losing an animal, they really do become part of the family!
Sounds like you've got a fab boyfriend cheering you up with new shoes!
Hope you feel better soon lovely!

Eda ♥

Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


Graceandbraver said...

LOVE those trousers with the shoes.
I'm so sorry to hear about your cat lucy :( i hope you and your family are OK <3

CharissaRae said...

Such a cute post , so sorry to hear about you losing you cat. Keep your chin up! :)

I'm currently running a giveaway where you could win a mac lipstick of your choice. Check out my blog if you're interested. :)

Lydia said...

Ah Lucy I feel so bad for you :( I'm such a mad cat lady and I know I'd be the exact same if something happened to one of my babbas, at least she had had a long life & you've got lots of lovely pics of her. She was a cutie pie!! Oh & you look lush, need those trousers! X

Jeeda said...

Sorry to hear about your cat, I'm not surprised you're so sad considering you grew up with her. It's hard losing someone that was a part of you. She looks beautiful.

Stylestrukk said...

My eyes literally just filled up! Being such a hardcore cat lover myself I can totally sympathise with you. Our oldest cat died last year, he kept having fits too :( It's so heartbreaking. Keep strong x Don't you think it's funny how family cats like to sleep in the exact same position?! Mine are always doing that lol.

Amazing jacket! I saw it in the ASOS sale but missed the chance :(

Amy x

Charmaine Cowland said...

I had tears reading this, I'm so sorry to hear. I honestly couldn't imagine the state i'd be in if my pet died, they are honestly a family member! She's such a beautiful little girl xxx

check out my giveaway, it's worldwide!

Anonymous said...

this hurts my heart so much. I don't know what I'm going to do when my cat (15 years old) and dog (16 years old) leave me...I hope you and your dad are ok.


This Is Lavinya said...

sorry about your cat hun and yes your right take pics its great to know theres still a part of her with you even though she is gone. xx

Sher said...

She is literally the cutest little thing ever! I can only imagine how it felt to loose her. I have two cats myself, one of which is very old & very close to my mum (follows her around/sleeps with her and everything). This post seriously made me cry thinking about my own cat! Hope you're okay! xx

KatieGallygog said...

them boots! yum!

Riley Ellise said...

So sad she looked like such a cutie! x

Shona said...

Really sorry to hear about your cat, I have 4 cats myself and just imagining one of them passing away brings me to tears xx

Chelsea said...

It's crazy how much a cat can touch your heat. You still manage to look stunning even when you're upset. I hope you feel better soon xx

Unknown said...

first off i am so sorry to hear about your cat. cats are like family members i cannot even imagine what i would do if i lost either of my babies. it is nice you have your boyfriend there to help you get through it. i think it's really cute he got you shoes. if anything it really shows he is there to support you even in sort of funny ways. 2nd of all your outfit looks amazing i love the patterns you mixed together.

Lauren said...

I was a mess when my HAMSTERS died this year so I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a cat. I love that grumpy diva face she has in all the photos! x

Natalia Beroiz said...

This outfit is perfect for you, that combination I don'g look good, anywhere you're perfect.

pass for my blog?

xoxo, Nati

Luce said...

So so sad - completely agree with what you said about it being like a family member. Condolences to you and your family, it must be heart breaking :(
Ps. 10xxx good boyfriend points for your OH, the boots are amazing!


Unknown said...

Loved the print mix and the creepers! You're gorgeous

Unknown said...

Oh and I'm really sorry for your loss. I have cats as well and I can't imagine how would my life be without them :-(

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! I'm feel so sorry for you, i would be so upset if my cat died shes like my little baby and she has brought my family closer together since we got her! Love the photos of her, i have taken so many photos of my cat over the year!

Liberty Georgina said...

I'm sorry to hear about your cat Alice, she looks so fluffy and adorable!
I tried on those trousers in UO but they were to short, They look amazing on you! :)

Sarah // DOTTY said...

Big hugs to you and your fam. We're huge cat lovers too and know the heartbreak of losing them.. like you say they are part of the family. xxx

lovelucie said...

she is so cute, lovely colours, and looks like she had a lovely long life xxx

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about your cat she's gorgeous! x

Hannah Louise said...

So sad to hear about the kitty! :( love your trousers though, and of course the shoes!

Hannah x

beewaits said...

Oh lady so sorry to hear about your kitty. It's true it really is like loosing family. Hope you are okay.

On a lighter note (akward transition time) your style is pretty much flawless. Love the jacket/trouser combo! x

Abby said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty :( She really was a cutie and I hope you will all be okay soon! You look gorgeous by the way :) xx

GemEmerald said...

Hi hun, Im really really sorry to hear this sad news, this has brought tears to my eyes.Im am a very big animal lover and cats are just my fave thing ever! Your cat was so beautiful. I can't imagine how great your pain is but i can say i have experienced a similiar thing with my cat, we had to have our Victor our baby put to sleep about 2 years ago and we still miss him just has much and still have a little cry when we think of him and start to miss him.We have 2 pictures of him in the living room still, its like losing a family member, we will always miss him :"( Like you said your dad was upset when your cat died, my dad too got attached to ours too he still misses him now.It must of been so awful having to go and identify her body i couldnt imagine how awful that was.Pets really do become a part of the family and its heartbreaking when we lose them.I just hope you start to feel better soon with time the sadness does ease.Its nice of your boyfriend to buy you the shoes to cheer you up :) You look lovely in the photos. xx

Jenna said...

I am so sorry! She is incredibly precious! We have lost our two oldest cats within the past year and it's incredibly sad to not have them around every day anymore! My thoughts are with you and your family for such a sad loss.

Lana S. said...

Your cat was beautiful, sorry to hear the sad news :(

Lana, xo

(PS, you look lovely in your photos :))

Natalie MacDonald ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Natalie MacDonald ♥ said...

I really am so sorry for your loss, it must have been terrible:( she was a gorgeous cat and I agree definitely model material hehe! I hope you feel better soon, I love the outfit too! Your outfits always look so gorgeous and inspirational! lots of love! xx ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

So sad about your cat, i have two cats myself and know i would feel like that myself hope your okay now though.

ellisha from

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that jacket! and those pants are so punk! <33

XO Sahra

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