Friday, 16 November 2012

Boohoo #KnitB4Xmas

DRESS: Zara via eBay, £30
GLITTERY TOP: Mango via Car boot sale, 50p
LEATHER SKIRT: Car boot sale, £1
SHOES: Urban Outfitters via eBay, £45
BAG: c/o Paul's Boutique

Before I go on about last night, can we all just take a moment to appreciate my beautiful new bag?! The lovely Kate hooked a sister up with this fabulous bright blue, real leather/suede bag from Paul's Boutique. I was a huge fan of Paul's Boutique a few years ago, I would sport my navy quilted PB coat, my zebra print Molly bag with neon pink handles, along with my bright pink curly hair and patent pink Dr Martens (I was pretty obsessed with pink back then and made sure all my outfits matched my hair!). Since then i've never really been into PB, my personal style has come a long way since then, but when Kate got in touch and offered me this beaut from the Selfridges Collection, of course I could not say no. I am absolutely loving cobalt blue at the moment, and i'm a sucker for studs and skulls, so this was perfect.

I paired it with my fave kimono last night and set off to the Boohoo #KnitB4Xmas event. I met up with the lovely Kate from Media Marmalade before, and was later joined by Sheree of Glitz & Grime and her pal. We were greeted with cocktails (of course), and later spoilt for choice with teeny tiny meals of fish and chips, christmas dinner, risotto, mince pies and more. Literally, the chips were the size of a piece of grass - SO CUTE! Even the miniature forks were adorable. I definitely didn't pop two into my bag...

The event was held at Ice Bar London - seriously, you don't understand how freaking cool this place is. Half of it is just a normal glamorous bar but one half is completely made of ice! The walls, the bar, the seats, the tables, THE CUPS YOU GET YOUR DRINKS IN! We were literally drinking rum cocktails out of a block of ice with a hole in it. So so so cool! We were only allowed in there for about half an hour because it was -5 degrees, we were given eskimo ponchos and gloves but by the end of it my fingers were frozen!

Overall an amazing experience, so hilarious seeing everyone in little ponchos, and since it was a big group of bloggers of course there were cameras flashing everywhere, i'm sure i'll be lurking in the background of everyone's photos. I was really happy to finally meet Sammi of Beautycrush who I have been meaning to meet for ages, Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter, and I also spotted lots more "famous" bloggers and YouTubers - definitely had a few fangirl moments in there! Everyone was so lovely though and we had such a fun night. I really am so appreciative of all these opportunities blogging has brought to me. I seem to be in London at least once or twice a week lately attending press events, what a dream. We were given the cutest presents, not just goody bags but ACTUAL wrapped gifts, with a bow and a gift tag, lots of cute bits inside and even a Christmas card signed by all the Boohoo staff. We all got onesies - HOW EXCITING!

Now for the photos... warning, there are LOADS! (I have tried to condense them down - but recently I have been posting ALL the photos I take at various events on my Facebook page. This way I don't swamp you all with photos and you don't miss out on seeing any!)

Thanks so much for the lovely ladies at Boohoo for inviting me and putting on such an amazing event.

Lucy x
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CharissaRae said...

Wow you are so lucky to have been invited to such a great event as boohoo! Also I've never ever been interested in PB as i thought it was a little tacky (sorry) but this bag is absolutely stunning! Maybe they've had a fashion change :)


Marmalade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marmalade said...

Love the post and all the piccies from last night :D

Can't wait for Motel now

Mel x

Graceandbraver said...

You look like a mega beaut! Wish i could have got to the boohoo event :( I'm not even here for the Motelrocks one too :'( blergh.
Glad you had a wicked time! The boohoo goodies looks amazing! xxx

alliedavies182 said...

This looks like so much fun! There's an ice bar in Liverpool at the moment and I'm dying to go. Love your dress too, i've been after it for ages!

Unknown said...

Hey Lucy, glad you had a good time, thanks so much for coming. I had a ball! Love that you went home and posted in your onesie :) Merry Christmas! Sophie boohoo x

uniqu3youth said...

that bag is amazing, i need one in my life!

Jen said...

usually not a PB fan BUT that bag is lush.


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

You look amazing in that outfit. I'm in love with the Zara dress and the bag is lovely! x

Hola Bambi said...

Looks like sooo much fun xxx

dfordakota said...

Your hair looks so lovely and I would have never guessed the bag was PB!

Ellen Grace said...

I normally dont like pauls boutique, but that bag is amazing! You look great and it looks like you had so much fun :)


Chelsea said...

I love your lipstick! That ice bar is insane. You really are living like a celebrity at the moment! xx

Unknown said...

The bag is amazing!!! I've never been a fan, as at the grand old age of 25 I always thought it was for teeny boppers but quite clearly they've matured their style for this new collection! Less is definitely more when it comes to bags! You look lovely as always xX

beewaits said...

Oh the ice bar looks amazing! Been wanting to go for ages and am totally in love with the cloaks. Feels v.harry potter which I love. Also onsies as a Christmas prezzie? Boohoo may actually be the cutest!
Never been big on PB but think this bag is an utter babestation. xx

Unknown said...

Lucy I freaking love this outfit. And am continuously in awe of your amazing bargain boot sale finds!

So happy you liked my feature of you on my Youtuber's post!

Katie x

Alice Barton said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!! loove your bag! xx
Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

Unknown said...

Love the bag! And the ice bar looks amazing!! Such cute gifts too

Unknown said...

Such cute pics. I will see you monday sexeh. You can stay over at mine if you wanna. xx

Lydia said...

Ahhh you look lush, hair is lookin so good! I was checking out everyone's pictures from this event on Instagram.. Very jealous bet it was larrrvely! Xx

Emily Alicia Mei said...

You look so amazing, love the zara dress! xx

Unknown said...

wow! I cant beleive that bag!havent thought pb was nice since i was 10 haha. love your blog! check out mine?xxxxxxxxx

Memoirs of a Wardrobe said...

Rockin that bag sexy chick. Thanks for the shout out!

K x

Rocío Escudero said...

OMG that dress is dope! You look perfect <3

Terri said...

Love the skirt and top combo! You look amazing, looks like you had a brilliant time at the event.

Dressed By S said...

I am in love with that zara dress wow!
S xx

Aine O said...

i loooooooove your hair in the first photo!!! x

Unknown said...

That bar is amazing! I've never heard of it till now but I'm going to be sure to visit it when I got to England next year! Glad you had such a great time at the event too :) sounds like it was lots of fun!

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