Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dr Martens S/S13 Press Day

I was invited down to the Exposure press day in London last week by the lovely Amy from Dr Martens. I was so excited to see the new S/S13 collection before it hits the shops... just look how freaking cute the sandals are! I'm not really a dolly shoe/flat sandals with no sole kinda girl, so I was really happy to see yet more chunkyness in the Agyness Deyn collection, but in the form of the most adorable girly sandals. I will definitely have to get my paws on some of those next year!

Also in the showroom were quite a few other brands such as Nike, Levi's, People Tree, Claire's Accessories and more.
The eyes on the collection are Agyness Deyn's ACTUAL EYEBALLS! Amy said that they took a photo of her eye and printed it onto the tees and stuff. How COOL?!
Dr Marten WELLIES! They are completely sealed and waterproof. Perfect for festivals if you want cool shoes, not ugly green wellies!
BABY DOCS! AwwwwwwwwwwMini Docs! So cayoot!
Odd Future iPhone cases - I WANT THE ONE ON THE LEFT! Cats cats cats <3
Fell in love with this dress by People Tree! So boho chic!
Sorry to your bank account

Lucy x

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Unknown said...

That dress is gorgeous! I didn't think Dr Martens could get any more extreme! The sandal ones are amazing! xx

Unknown said...

I need to make those studded sandals mine! I can't wait to see this collection!

Hola Bambi said...

Those dr marten sandals are sooooo nice! And the studded boots with matching bags!!! In loveee <3

Petite Side Of Style said...

Those AD sandals with so cute little socks would look perfect.

Sarah // DOTTY said...

Err think I may be getting those white Aggy dolly shoes. And Jade from The Style Rawr is gonna go KRAY over the matching pink studded boots & bag!

beewaits said...

dear future bank account...I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry. I love the new aggy collection - I am so ready for the sandals and the heart top. Also all of the cats. I AM READY x

Anonymous said...

those wellies are amazing! I might need to spend more than one whole paycheck on them!

Abbie said...

Wow those pink studded ones with the matching bag! Amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

I am so JEALOUS - I couldn't go, wahhhhh. The pink studs are amazing!


Ellen Grace said...

That looks like so much fun haha, I love how unique all the shoes are! The ones aggy is wearing in the promo pic are so cute! The brown bow ones are also perfect for summer


Unknown said...

the new agyness collection looks sooo good!

Graceandbraver said...

Never realised they had tees in the agyness collection! Going to have to get my hands on those!! <3

Unknown said...

Oh my Lord, The baby docs are ADORABLE !!!!
Loving the orange sandals !
Thanks for sharing
Livvyy x

Unknown said...

Pretty excited to see this stuff in real life. Didn't even know there was another collection. Awesome

uniqu3youth said...

everything looks super nice!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh i want it all!! can't wait xx

*To Wanderlust* said...

that people tree dress is gorgoeus! I want everything from that shop, Aggy is so perfect, even her eyeballs!


Anonymous said...

this whole collection has to be one of my favourites!

check out my blog guys please.. i follow back:)


Anonymous said...

They have some amazing stuff! I love the Floral print brogues!

Jeeda said...

I love that dress, and the doc martens galore...

Unknown said...

The studded black sandals are amazing, I NEED them! So so impressed with the Agyness Dean collections, absolute beaut.

Lana S. said...

I really love the floral print boots, they would look great with dresses in the summer!

Lana, xo

nicolemckeexo said...

I love your blog and linked you in my latest post :)

Unknown said...

Ooo I have a pair of Topshop metallic silver sandals from the Summer sale that look like the ones in the first pic! The studded ones are fyyyyyne doe! ;) xxx

Sharina said...

Such a classic brand!!
The Misty Mom

AVY said...

Loving the bags more than the shoes to be honest.


Twin Vibes said...

Love the Sandals, so adorable!

Emily Alicia Mei said...

Omg, i'm in love! xx

Me and Moustaches said...

I bought the Daisy print dress after seeing it on your blog, and I have just clicked the link to shop the rest of the collection, not good :)

Dressed By S said...

AHHHH i want to be there!
love Dr. Martens
S x

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