Tuesday 20 November 2012


I fiiiiinally got round to bleaching my roots! I feel so BLONDE, it's weird, it makes me look really orange too. Touching up my roots is something I always dread, because it KILLS my head - I have to sit and itch it with a stick for 45 mins while it does its job. Oh how naive I was - I have now realised it was the awful, cheap bleach I have always used. I have been using own brand bleach from the hairdressing supply shop near my house for years, but I will NEVER be using that again for sure! 

I was contacted to ask if I wanted to try out and review the Jerome Russell Bblonde at home bleaching kit. Of course I said yes, as I was planning to bleach my roots that week anyway, so it saved me a bit of money! I have always dyed my hair at home, for around 5 years now. I've been every colour under the sun - blonde, brown, black, red, pink, purple, blue, and everything in between! 

I am so happy with this product, it did not itch my head at ALL, which is a huge plus because it usually really hurts! You get 4 sachets of powder bleach in the box, and I used 1 sachet and 1 bottle of cream peroxide for just my roots (so if you're using it all over your hair you'd probably need 2/3 of each, depending on your hair length). I usually get my mum or a friend to do it for me, it saves me £40+ if I were to go to a salon, so it is well worth doing it at home.

I'd really recommend these products if you are looking to bleach your hair or need to touch up your roots and haven't tried the Bblonde bleach before. It also has a bit of colour in it so it doesn't just bleach the colour out, but tones your hair to a nice, very light blonde shade as well. I'm very happy with the results and will DEFINITELY purchase this kit next time!

Lucy x

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Anonymous said...

WOW your hair looks amazing! I've been umming and arring over whether to take the plunge and bleach my hair myself or get it done in a salon, think I'll give this a go and save some money :) xx

uniqu3youth said...

your hair looks lovely:D

Roxanne Rose said...

I love Jermone Russell Bleach as it's what I use to dip-dye my hair, + it's so cheap compared to salons! Love your hair! xo

Ellen Grace said...

You look gorgeous! I'd love to try blonde, but I know it wouldnt suit me :(



Riley Ellise said...

Looks fab, really suits you x

Abbie Gaiger said...

i've always hated bleaching my roots because of the itchiness, i think i'll have to try this at the weekend instead! your hair looks great :)


Unknown said...

Oh, so it's the cheap bleach that causes the dreaded root pain... how haven't we worked this out before?!
Your hair looks great here, I always feel really weird and overly blonde post-roots too though.



Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST said...

Ooooh you look so babely with the bright blonde but I actually really liked your dark roots too haha! :)


Gemma Talbot said...

Very blonde but you pull it off well :) x


Felicity said...

I've always wanted to bleach my hair but I'm far too much of a wuss to do it myself! Looks gorgeous, glad this one worked so well for you x

Unknown said...

Omg, honey you look gorgeous! In love with your newly bleached hair, it looks stunning!
I've been bleaching my hair for years too! I started going to the salon and even though I only have a small amount of hair to bleach, it was extortionate (and gain painful) but around a year ago I came across La Riche Directions bleaching kit which doesn't damage my hair as much the bleach the salon was using did and doesn't irritate my head either! Super cute!
I'll defo be trying this kit too honey bunny, see how if it's better than what I'm using!
Mwah xoxo

www.uglyboyglenn.blogspot.com (I'm a newbie!)

Chelsea said...

You're hair looks amazing with your roots done and hair extensions back in. It's crazy how much nicer you can feel without regrowth! I just went quite a lot blonder and I know what you mean about looking orange! I can't figure out if I should change foundation or if it will happen with any foundation :/ xx

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

Hair looks BEYOND gorgeous! <3

Unknown said...

Your hair looks amazing Lucy! And in such good condition! How is this possible!? Haha.

Katie x


Unknown said...

Oh wow your hair looks extra beautiful now! Gorgeous girl.

Megan xxx

... said...

This is the bleach I use it's the best one I have tried also.

beewaits said...

This was my bleach du jour when I dyed my hair. Really was my favourite. That said I never could do just my roots and would end up killing my hair. Lifted the red out of it really well though. x

Fam said...

love the colour on you!!! beautiful!

GoldenDreams said...

Can never get my pony tail extensions to go like urs :/ , looking fabulous btw xx

blkchgxdjhgcvb, said...

so blonde. so lush. ! Jeal!


Unknown said...

B Blonde is the Best home bleaching kit. It's the product I return to over again .. The toners are great as well . I love your hair colour

Unknown said...

Awww I use this one it's AMAZING isn't it!!! so much better than anything i've used before and so cheap!! xx


Aine O said...

this is awesome! im planning to go blonde from a dark brown, i might try this product!! x


Dressed By S said...

Hair looks absolutely amazing!!
S xx

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