Monday, 29 April 2013

Purple Granny

FLORAL SKIRT: Vintage via Car boot sale, £1
PURPLE JUMPER: MinkPink via Sample sale, £8 (available at MissKL)
GREY VEST: MinkPink via Sample sale, £5
BUMBAG: Urban Outfitters, £23ish
AGGY BOOTS: Dr Martens x Agyness Deyn, £135
LIPSTICK: Mac Ruby Woo, £14

I'm a big lover of matchy matchy outfits - surprised I didn't have purple lipstick on today too! I LOVE my new floral skirt from the car boot sale. I'll be blogging about my bargain finds tomorrow, but if you can't wait, watch my haul video here. I've become a bit obsessed with wearing florals and picking one colour from the print, really playing on it and matching my clothes, nails and lips to it. It kind of makes outfits easier to put together too.

Super busy week for me - my final deadline for uni is on Thursday, very stressful but the only thing getting me through it is knowing that I WILL BE FREE for 5 months to do whatever the hell I want. I'm so excited! Big plans for my blog and YouTube too, so be excited for that!



Magda said...

nice:)))even in granny clothes you look gorgeous:)lovely bag:)

Frankie D said...

You are such a babe! I'm going to whip out my granny skirt now, gonna have to shave my legs tho ugh. Bumbag ftw!


Toots Lightbody said...

How you make granny clothes always look amazing is beyonndddd my comprehension! You pull off everything babe x

AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

You can pull off anything! Love those shoes!

A little bit Unique - Blog // Please vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer


Rebekah Smith said...

You make granny clothes look awesome!xx

Emma Matthews said...

Such a grungy outfit - I love it! The lilac jumper really suits you.

Emma x

Nyasha said...

Your fashion style is really lovely! We're the same age but you have achieved so much with your creativity, you motivate me to work harder. Carry on and hopefully you will definitely become a stylist or designer.


Andini Ria said...

Absolutely love the combination of pretty purple with edgy black accessories! Perfect as always <3

Muny B said...

Great look!

aynur A said...

Gorgeous outfit, LOVE the skirt

♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Kristianna Williams said...

It almost irritates me how good you look in clothes that nobody would usually look good in!
Absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing - obsessing over that bumbag xo

Sade said...

I freaking love the matching nails! You look fab as always Lucy <3


Megan Lillie said...

Such a gorgeous girl, all your outfits are fab!
Megan xxx

Sarah // FASHION DOTTY said...

ALL through this post I was thinking "that vintage jumper looks very Minkpink".. the reason why is because it IS! Haha I love it, I reeeeally want the zigzag version of it.

Shradha G Loves said...

Love this skirt!
So gorgeous
s xx

Charlotte said...

I love this look - the colours are so nice! Hope the uni work goes well!

Courtney Farrow said...

Gorgeous! xx

HayleyMG said...

gorgeous outfit you look amazing! I love this!!!

Hayley xx


that top is the prettiest shade of purple

Tennika W said...

this is so spring <3 x

Lauren said...

I never thought I'd start to like bumbags...bizarre. x

rambling rapscallion said...

Your skin is so flawless, jealous! I love lilac it's my favourite colour so autmoatically I love this outfit, I think matchy matchy outfits are great as well hahaha xx

Anonymous said...

those colours are gorgeous! x

Ben Lewis said...

Love this! Love how the colours and style of the outfit are juxtaposed with the grungey boots and bumbag, awesome as always :D

farrah said...

love your style so much

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice, unique outfit. Lovely :)

Georgie Mullen said...

you can pull off the granny look so so well xx

Laura said...

That outfit is amazing,
I love that you've paired the floral
skirt with some black boots. ;)
And your lipstick colour is gorgeous. :)

Lisa Style said...

Top three fashion styles for women this summer

Jade said...

YES loving this combo so much- those dms came up on my depop feed for £60 and I cannot believe I let them pass me by, especially when I see posts like this! xx

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