Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Car Boot Sale Bargs

The car boot sale season is finally back in full swing, which means a VERY HAPPY Lucy! Sunday was a record for me and my mum - we did 4 in one morning! Here's a few of the bits I got... 

Vintage 100% silk sequin jacket - £3
Vintage silky tee - £1
Vintage floral vest - £1
See-through rain mac - £1.50
Vintage white shorts - £1
Vintage floral skirt - £1 (as seen in my previous post)
Vintage black silky tee - £1 (such a staple piece!)
Vintage glittery top - £1
Nail varnishes - 50p each, Benefit fake tan - 50p, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - £2, Cath Kidston lipbalm - 50p, Eylure individual lashes - £1

Do you go to car boot sales and have you picked up any bargains lately? I'd love to hear what you got!



Unknown said...

Awesome items LOVE the sequin jacket what a bargain!

♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Paloma in Disguise said...

These are all amazing! I'm going to have to go to one now :) The jacket is so nice!

galaxycaramel69 said...

I really like the black silky top - it will actually go with everything :)!! Xx

Dressed By S said...

Oh wow such great buys!
I really need to find a car boot sale near me!
S xx

Sophie said...

Ah you pick up some bloody amazing bargains!

Natalie MacDonald ♥ said...

You got some real bargains here Lucy! xo

Shabby Chic and Tea♥

Unknown said...

Great buys! love everything!


M + K said...

such great findss! the barry m polishes look amazing


Of The Saints said...

Such amazing finds! I never have such luck with my local boot sales, I did however find a few things after wandering around some charity shops last week :) xx

Pan said...

I love the white shorts and the black silk shirt, always on the look out for both! x

Dina said...

So glad that the weather is looking up now. I scored a Vivienne Westwood leotard the other week, and also a Moschino bum bag yayxx

Jen said...

cannot believe the bargains you got.


Anonymous said...


Giraffe In The Sity said...

that jacket is amazing, highly enviable

Mae | british explorer said...

i found a UNIF crop t shirt for 50p at my local car boot sale the other day!!! i nearly cried lol xxx

Olivia said...

I really need to hit a car boot sale soon this year, I've been living in jumbles for a while now :p


Julia said...

The pink see-through rain mac is so you, Lucy! I wish I could find these things!

Unknown said...

Some amazing finds :D Iv got a few carboots lined up soon, hopefully I'll have your luck haha

Georgie Mullen said...

your so lucky to find these, could you do a tips for car boots?? xx

Alice Doran said...

WoW such a great find, love it. If you have time please check out my blog and let me know what you think.
Alice xx

Unknown said...

Try www.onlinecarbooty.com for some great bargains I check most weeks and have bought some great stuff x

Unknown said...

Try www.onlinecarbooty.com for some great bargains I check most weeks and have bought some great stuff x

Unknown said...

I wish we had something like a car boot sell in the U.S. ;( #jellybelly

Unknown said...

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