Sunday 7 April 2013

eBay Bargain Finds #6

Back on this eBay bargain hunting game. I haven't used it in a while because basically I hate eBay, their customer service is appauling, and apparently they hate me because they blocked me on two accounts, LOL. On that note - i'm selling LOADS of my old clothes on my second Instagram - @meowvtg. I'm always having clear outs so go have a lookie if you like. If you don't have Insta i'm slowly listing everything on my online shop too so keep checking back!

I found the Bart Simpson shirt on eBay - and half the price of the one in my previous post! Loving this fake Kenzo sweater too, as seen on Rihanna, as was the gold choker. Go go go!




Floral Danielle said...

I love the Bart shirt and velvet skirt! :)
I'm tempted to buy the burgundy and dark green skirt, but I should probably just make them myself!

Anonymous said...

I love velvet skirts - they're 100% my go to item when it's a little chillier! xo

Gemma Talbot said...

The kenzo jumper is gorgeous! x

Unknown said...

I've had my eye on the bart simpson denim shirt for a while now, very similar to the jumper Cara Delevigne wears!x

Unknown said...

love your ebay bargains finds
please do more post like this =)

Olivia said...

love love love the bart simpson shirt and the kenzo crewneck! Xx

Unknown said...

What amazing bargains-I could have sworn that all these items are from Romwe! I bought the velvet skirt a couple of months back and the quality is amazing-such a steal too compared to other ones that I have seen! xx

Georgie Mullen said...

your such a bargain hunter! and your shop is incred, loving it. can't wait until you design your own clothes (hopefully you will!) xx

Dressed By S said...

Love me some ebay!
Great finds!
S x

Unknown said...

Gah the fake kenzo is perfect!
Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

How do you find all these amazing bargains! Ebay is the hardest site to find any good quality clothing but you've managed to do the impossible. Awesome finds!

Anna said...

Good old Bart Simpson, I love that shirt !! You have such a great sense of style.

B said...

Love these! I ordered the *Kenzo* one a few weeks ago and am hoping to get it soon!

Anonymous said...

Loving the Bart Simpson cropped knit! also loving your new layout so cute :)

Unknown said...

love the velvet skirt :) xx

Rachel Kromdijk said...

Great post, i like your blog and style !
and i loveee your blond hair !

have a nice weekend

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