Saturday 20 April 2013


Hello! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated me in the Company Blog Awards, as i've only gone and been shortlisted for TWO categories! OMG! I'm absolutely thrilled, I cried when I found out! It's made my year just to be shortlisted. So thank you soooo much everyone, I appreciate it more than you'll ever know! The next stage is to vote and i'd absolutely love it if you could vote for me to win! I've been put under "best personal style blog" and "best fashion blog" - so i'd love a vote from you, preferably in both categories of course, but even in one would be amazing! Here is the voting page. THANK YOU! I love you all.

Anywho, I wont swamp you with my excitement! On Thursday I went to one of the best blogger events yet - the Next Press Office Take Over. It was based at their press office in London and we got to see their new collection up close. Like last time, we were all given little tickets with our blog names on to place on any items we LOVED. They then compiled a "blogger's pick" of the most popular items. My favourite item (a plum coloured pleather jacket) came top in the list!

The party was fab, it was like my heaven. A DJ playing noughties hits, a tuck shop FILLED with all my favourite sweets (definitely stole a few curly wurlys for my journey home!), clothes, shoes and accessories galore, bloggers everywhere, and my favourite thing: a photobooth! Bloggers LOVE photobooths.

The new collection was absolutely gorgeous. Admittedly Next has never been one of my favourite shops, but it's always been a favourite of my mum's and I have picked up some lovely bits from there in the past when shopping with her. However, I spotted SO MANY gorgeous things that I would kill to have in my wardrobe. Strappy Rihanna-esque heels, THAT pink biker jacket, some amazing neon swimwear and lots of pretty pieces perfect for your summer holiday.

Thanks Next for a FABULOUS evening. Everybody was all pretty drunk by the time we left - but I can't help it that the waiter kept tapping me on the shoulder and saying "care for some more champagne madame?" whilst already filling my glass up. I'll let the pictures do the talking! Check the vlog at the end tooooo. :)



Natalie said...

Looks like an incredibly fun night! Super jealous! Glad you all had a good time! Voting for you in both categories right now btw. Good luck!


Jo said...

Great pics lovely :) and sooooo proud of you again for the Company blog awards! You're so gonna win!! WOOOO. Excited to see you again on Wednesday :D xxxxx

Unknown said...

It looked really fun! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

looove your bottoms! what a fun event!

XO Sahra

Lauren said...

Looks like fun! So excited for your shortlist- my vote is already in. Good luck! x

Ellen Grace said...

Looks like you all had an absolute ball, I'll make sure too vote, good luck!

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L said...

So happy for you that you got into TWO categories! You deserve it so much and I am expecting you to win it! You go Lucy! Been reading your blog for ageeesss now and it's so nice to see you grow this blog , voted for you! This event looks so fun!

Sophie said...

Congrats - you totally deserve it! This looks like so much fun - the oink leather jacket is divine!

Dressed By S said...

Sample sale looks amazing!!!
As well as the next blogger take over
The pleather jacket is gorgeous
S xx

Deejay Speaks said...

3 of my favorite fashion bloggers all in one post I am amazed, and the event looked so fun!

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

You and Becca look amazing in that first photo. Also I loved the video! <3

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Anonymous said...

looks amazing!!

Georgie Mullen said...

looks like so much fun! xx

Sarah // DOTTY said...

Hahahha it looked like Ben the non-blogger ruled the dancefloor! What a hero.

Chelsea Jade said...

Looks like lots of fun, the jacket is a beauty. And a massive congrats on being shortlisted, you deserve it! Voted for you in both categories :) x

Unknown said...

hope you win I put my votes in xx

Unknown said...

Look like good love your bottom.
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Unknown said...

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andrewhudson said...

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Unknown said...

Can I make you an offer for these trousers? x

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