Friday, 31 August 2012

Red roses and leopard print

Today is the LAST DAY to vote in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! I know I go on about it eveeerrryyy day, but please please vote for me if you haven't already, i'll appreciate it soo much!
SHIRT: c/o Glamorous
SHORTS: Boot sale, £1
SHOES: c/o Tribeca Shoes
I am OBSESSED with these shorts I found at the car boot sale a couple of weeks ago, they are sooo cute and remind me of a Versace print. They are pretty long so I might cut them up but for now I have just worn them loosely rolled up. They are actually a size XL but a little tip... if any bottoms are way too big for you like these, just shove a belt over it and *instant perfect fit!*
I paired them with my new perfect sheer black shirt from Glamorous clothing, don't you just adore the skull collar detailing? Too cute. Also my new fave boots - these little heeled chelsea boots by Tribeca Shoes are so perfect for the Autumn/Winter, not too high and very comfortable, these will definitely become one of my staple pairs of shoes for university.
As I said before, today is the last day to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards, so I am reeeeally excited for the winners to be revealed, finger's crossed!
Lucy x
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Millie said...

Love your top! X

Hola Bambi said...

those shorts are amazing and so are the collar tips xx

Rebecca Perks said...

I've voted, lots of luck love Becca xx

Unknown said...

love you cat! so cute! voted for ya too! good luck! your def my favourite blog - not just saying that!

hanna x

Abbie said...

i love love love those shorts! and those amaaazing boots :) xx

Lara said...

You look stunning!

Miss Daja said...

I am on my way to vote now!

And OMG your shorts are so cute (emoji with hearts in the eyes) LOL

Sincerely Daja

Graceandbraver said...

Those shorts are amazing!
beautiful xo

Unknown said...

LOVE the collar chain on your shirt!!

Laura said...

Voted for you in the competition; I hope you win!

Those shorts are so rad; can't believe they were only £1! I love bootsales!

Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

That shirt is awesome - the collar detailing is really cool

Wanderlust said...

awesome !

Remi said...

You find so many cool clothes at bootsales,love those shorts ;)

Chelsea said...

amazing outfit. dig the leopard.

x0 chelsea

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the cosmo competition! How freaking exciting. The outfit is cool, aah, you find so many things at those car boot sales. Can't even imagine how massive your collection of clothes must be. Also, your hair looks amazing and you just generally look so stunning in these images :)

Luce said...

Looks awesome, great bootsale find

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