Tuesday 21 August 2012

Match your lipstick to your shoes!

CROP TOP: Topshop, £8
RIDING PANTS: American Apparel via eBay, £45
SHOES: eBay, £15
BAG: Vivienne Westwood via eBay, £80
GLASSES: Primark, £2
LIPSTICK: Lime Crime "Glamour", gift from Sheree

I did it, I finally stepped up into the world of YouTube! I have been watching all my fave YouTubers for nearly a year now, but never really thought of making my own videos. For a start, my voice is really childish, so I literally sound about 12! I find the whole "talking to myself/into a camera" thing really awkward and cringey, but i'm certainly gonna give it a go! So far i've filmed a bedroom tour, an OOTD for this outfit, and tomorrow i'll upload my daily make-up routine video.

EDIT: I did create a new channel to share with my friend but because of problems linking the account to Google & Blogger, i've decided to stay on my own personal channel. I'll still be making videos with my friend but will be using my channel LULUTRIXABELLEx to post them. We'll be making fashion videos together including charity shop/car boot sale hauls, OOTDs, "come shopping with us" and "how to style" videos, etc etc etc. It's all very exciting (and time consuming) but who knows where it will take me!

Today's outfit was pretty casual, I wanted to wear my new creepers which match perfectly with my Lime Crime lipstick that the lovely Sheree from Glitz & Grime sent me! Isn't she the cutest? I've had this chainmail vest for aaaaaaaaaaages and it's never been worn, so I thought i'd give it some love today.

Anyway, it's midnight and i'm tired, so better get off to bed.

Remember to enter my giveaway to win a vintage bag, and pleeeeeease vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards! I know I keep going on about it but I would be eternally grateful if you do!

Speak to you soon :)

Love Lucy x

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Abbi G said...

oh my goodness I love that chainmail vest! This outfit seems so simple yet it makes such a big statement. Also, we have the same bag [: mine is grey tho. I adore it! Great outfit! [: xx

Frankie said...

I just bought a lipstick that colour today, it looks beaut on you :) That body chain is AMAZING, I Didn't realise it was a piece of jewellery at first, such a cool outfit.



Unknown said...

Your chainmail vest is A-MAZING!! love the bag!!


Ellen Atlanta said...

I love this outfit so much! Especially the chain mail vest - it's so cool! :) I'm off to watch your videos now <3

Ellen xx

Camilla said...

LOVE this, you are so pretty!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

Graceandbraver said...

Those creepers are THE ONE! <3

hhhxo said...

Literally so jealous of your figure! I'll definitely be watching your videos asap!xo


Deejay Speaks said...

the chain mail vest is amazing and I've got to check out your youtube vids!

Armelle said...

I'm so so in love with high waisted riding pants but jeez the AA ones are so expensive !


Nico And Bri said...

I love it! And that chain top is sooooooooooo cool! Glad you chose the red creepers!

Unknown said...

Wow they are the best non underground creepers I have ever seen and they are the colour I have been lusting over for months *drool*


BURG said...

Woahh I love everything about this outfit! You look awesome.

Soi Eight Recycling


Karolina Chudek said...

love it!!!<3

Sade.B xoxo said...

Really love this look Lucy, so effortless xoxo


Hannah Louise said...

Gorgeous outfit, that chainmail vest is awesome and I love the lipstick shade <3

Hannah x

Lara said...

The chainmail vest is amazing! Also love the colour coordination.


Kirsty said...

Your voice was totally unexpected for me, but I have no idea what I thought you'd sound like haha. I've subscribed anyway :) Love your chainmail vest by the way.


Laila said...

love this! The creepers are such a nice colour and the chain mail vest is amazing! shall definitely be watching your videos when i'm home from work, i bet they're awesome :)

Floral Danielle said...

I love the outfit!
And I love the first outfit youtube video!
I could never do it I'm not brave enough haha! :)

Taylah said...

I loved your videos, especially the OOTD one! You have the cutest voice and being an Aussie, I'm extremely jealous of your accent! xx

dfordakota said...

amazing outfit! I recently got a body chain for my birthday :)

thefashi0nistanextdoor.blogspot.com xo

Unknown said...

Where's your coat rack from, in the bedroom tourr?xx


It says in the video? did you mute it or something?! lol x

Tia Aaliyah said...

Love the lipstick suits you and those creepers! I'm loving the brick wall background too :)

Unknown said...

There was a noise in the backround so i couldn't make it out xx

StylePupil Ellie said...

Yay i'm so glad you started making videos!! Can't wait for your hauls x

Abbie said...

That necklace is amazing! Cannot wait to see your video's :) x


allison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

the vest is dope.

J x

Charmaine Cowland said...

stunning shoes!
And the body piece; iv'e never seen anything like it, you look so lovely! x


skadiida said...

beautiful! you have such an beautiful style!



maphi bayolo said...

great outfit lovely xoxo

Yasmin; said...

I love everything about this outfit, the body chain tops it off perfectly & hello matching lipstick and shoes... new trend? I think soooooo x

Anonymous said...

so cute, totallly love those shoes!

XO sahra

- Kimbunnii - said...

love this look!

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Only just found your blog but I love your style - it's a little like mine.
I'm lusting after oxblood creepers so bad right now! You look amazing



cs0jk said...

This outfit is perfect!!! The body chain ting looks perf with your crop top X


Adalmiina.S said...

you are amazing! greetings from finland! your style is gorgeous:) do more videoposts 'cause that shows who u really are! silly and funny i thing, just stunning! love u uxx

Unknown said...

I just won those creepers on Ebay last night...can't wait to wear them. Love the body chain ...didnt realise it was jewellery at first.

Nicole x

Hajaley said...

Love the trousers and bag!

ojas said...

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