Monday, 20 August 2012

eBay Bargain Finds #4

1. GALAXY CAT TEE - £16.50
Love galaxy print, love cats, so this is just perfect!

Pretty much identical to the JC Elegant Stud loafers - but a fraction of the price!

My current phone case, it's soo pretty and cheap! Get all the colours and have a different one each day!

4. NAKED PALETTE 2 - £15.50
Please note this is a FAKE Urban Decay palette, I bought it thinking it was real but it seems the price is too good to be true. It is however a really good dupe, if you aren't a huge make-up fan but just want to get into experimenting with neutral colours, then this is for you! I used to not be an eyeshadow kinda gal, i'd stick to my black eyeliner and now that I look back at photos, I realise it usually looked way too OTT! Since watching YouTubers use lots of neutrals I have really fallen for this look. The shadows work, that's all that matters to me! And it saves having to buy lots of separate ones, this is compact and easy.

5. SANDISK HD CARD - £13.99
This is a bit of a random one, but I thought I would share it with you as it's such a bargain, especially for those with SLR cameras/people who make videos. When I bought my current camera, I needed a new memory card so just bought the cheapest one I saw from Currys which was a 4GB SD card, and it cost me about £12.99. I wanted to get into YouTube and making videos, but it turns out the card I had wasn't good enough and wouldn't let me film for more than 5 seconds! The 10 in the circle tells you what class it is, and you need at least a class 6 to film in HD. This card is suuuuper speedy and top of the range, lets you shoot in HD and is 16GB, and it only cost me £13.99 on eBay - just proves that shops like Currys/PC World are just ripping you off!

Hopefully you found this helpful!



Yatri said...

Those loafers r lush and not a huge hole in the pocket!!

Hola Bambi said...

That tee is beautiful! Xx

Zoe Amelia said...

Great finds there ;) That cat tshirt, too cute!! and the loafers!

Frankie D said...

I'm a big fan of the Naked palette, should probably buy this one and stop getting those lovely girls over at Urban decay to do my make-up every time I go in there haha!!


cupcakesandcocaine said...

Such good finds! I can finally show my boyfriend something on your blog that justifies the amount of time I spend on it! He was going to get a new memory card for his camera next week and pay loads more than that. xx

Sade said...

Eee i love cats too! Wicked finds girl ;)

Anonymous said...

I bought my Naked Palette 2 from thailand and I have no idea if it's a dupe or real!! But I still love it!

Chelsea Jade said...

I have the blue version of that cat tee its one of my favourites And I love the iphone case! x

CULTstyle said...

A naked pallette for 15 quid WOW


Lola Rose said...

I adoreee the loafers!


Abbie said...

that loafers and that cat top is gorgeeeous :D xx

Anthea Lau said...

nice loafers xo
would you like to follow each other?

Remi said...

That tee is just perfect,I saw it on tumblr ;)

... said...

I've got the shirt, love it! Adding these loafers to my ever so long watch list!

Sarah Harradine said...

Ahaha the cat t-shirt is hilari. I think I need it.

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

I got the naked palette on ebay as well! The gamble definitely paid off as the black comes out really intense despite it being fake,love the kitty top! :) xx

Emma said...

Love this! Getting the phone case straight away :)

Lara said...

Love the iphone case, and just bought it! Thank you for posting this!

chloe gilbert said...

the elegant loafers are awesome, think i'm definitely gonna purchase a pair!


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