Monday 13 August 2012

Perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday consists of this... getting up early to go to the bootsales, then eating a huge yummy dinner when we get home.

Me and my mumma went to three booties yesterday, which is exactly how we love spending our Sunday mornings/afternoons... sometimes we don't get home til 3pm! Speaking of my mum, she has recently restarted her blog! She used to blog a couple of years ago, and was actually the one who got me into it in the first place. I always thought blogging seemed a bit odd, and thought "who on earth would want to read about what you bought from the car boot sale?!"... but obviously now I am hooked! She deleted her old blog after becoming ill but really wants to get into it again. I told her she shouldn't have deleted it cos she'd still have hundreds of followers! But she wanted to start fresh, so if you like home interiors/car boot sales/furniture DIY/vintage/shabby chic, take a look at my cute mums blog HERE. It'll make her day if you follow her and leave a comment!

Anyway. Getting home to look through everything we bought from the boot sale is the most exciting part of the day! We take over the whole living room while we sort through our stuff in to various piles and get excited over our "bargain of the day"!

LOL! We bought so much - our two shopping trolleys are full to the brim too!

Once we were done with that, it was PIZZA TIME! We are becoming experts at homemade pizza, it's soo quick, easy and delicious. It's quickly becoming one of our favourite meals, we make them at least once a week now. I might even do a recipe post on how to make the perfect pizza, for any of you food lovers! Look at this bad boy!


After! YUM.

We painted our table mats with chalkboard paint, it looks so cute, and everyone writes little messages on there! See my mums DIY post on them here.

And here's a few bits I got from the boot sale! I honestly got so much yesterday, but don't wanna bombard you all with photos when i'll probably be wearing them in outfit posts soon anyway. And if you've already seen the stuff I buy in my outfits then there's nothing new/exciting for you to see! So i'll keep the rest a secret :)
Vintage leopard print shirt - £1
Karen Millen grungey/holey top - 50p
Topshop tutu - 50p
Various make-up - 50p-£1 each

Vintage tan satchel - £3. My boyfriend has already stolen this for work!

And my beautiful new mirror! This baby was only a fiver (I think the old man liked me, ha ha) and it's already hanging beautifully on my wall.

Hope you all had a fab Sunday! Got lots of posts planned for this week including a room tour hopefully (if I tidy my room that is!)

P.s. I've added a few more bits to my shop, so make sure you have a look! Get free delivery with code FREEDEL if you spend over £35. Also, if you haven't already, PLEASE vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards! The link is in my sidebar. Thank you honeys!



Love your finds! Especially the mirror!

Abbie said...

wow! that mirror is gorgeous! the leopard print shirt is like, wow! and the pizza looks YUM! :) <3

LydiaJaneHann said...

That mirror looks so beautiful! I've never seen cooked salad on a pizza before! Only put on afterwards, looks good though! x

Unknown said...

That mirror is BEAUTIFUL !!!!
And I think you have should do a pizza recipe post .... Nowadays I try to make all of those take-away loves from scratch but with Pizza, I wouldn't know where to start lol

Millie said...

Ooh the pizza looks great, lov the satchel! Xx

Graceandbraver said...

That pizza looks AMAZING! Making me so hungry ya bitch haha.
Brilliant finds at the bootsale again. In love with that satchel! xox

Lizzie said...

oooh yummy looking pizza!

Anonymous said...

I want that pizza in my belly right now! Youve picked up some amazing buys.

Le Stage said...

Love your finds - the mirror is gorgeous! But seriously, you can't post photos of delicious pizza without giving us the recipe.... Please!? =P


GREEDS said...

That pizza looks delicious!


Chelsea said...

That mirror is amazing! I'm on the look out for one just like that to put above my dresser. xx

Kitty said...

Your perfect sunday is also my perfect sunday! Although I dont live with my mum anymore so have to drag my boyfriend to all the bootsales haha, gorgeous buys especially the mirror and leopard shirt! xxx

Jenni said...

Please post the pizza recipe! :-)

Liberty Georgina said...

That satchel is perfect!
I have a similar mirror like that in black from Ikea and it was originally a picture frame, yours looks lovely though!

Tasha said...

yes definitely want to learn how to make pizzas! I've been trying for ages and just cant get it right, they never come out as pretty as yours haha! Your food post would be appreciated! xxx

Frankie said...

That Pizza looks AMAZING! I'm going to give home made pizza a go now. I love how your mum is in to blogging, my mum is too :)


Floral Danielle said...

Love the Karen Millen top, satchel and mirror! :)
My last blog post is on my Carboot finds if you're interested!

Unknown said...

Love your mirror it would look really good in my bedroom...cant believe you got it at a bootsale for £5! (Note to self: must goto booties more). I followed your mum via bloglovin after seeing your table mats (they are sooo cute).

You are my new fave blogger.

Nicole x

Unknown said...

All you food you make looks amazing! Home made pizza is so much nicer than takeaway or anything!

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