Friday 24 August 2012

Bootsale bargs & new video!

Ravel sandals - £2
River Island dress - £2
H&M top - £1 new with tags
Max C London top - £1
Vintage fringed top - £1
River Island top - £1 new with tags
Primark floral playsuit - £1
Next printed shorts - £1
Tartan scarf - 50p
Revlon hair curlers - 50p

Heeeey guys! Since it's meant to be raining this weekend I thought i'd go to the Thursday bootsale just incase I miss out on Sunday. I reeeeeally couldn't be bothered to be up at an ungodly hour but it was all in the name of bargains, and it was worth it as I picked up a few nice bits, including a hair curler which I have wanted for ages for just 50p! (Sorry for the dark photos, I took these at night so not the best quality!)

I actually filmed a bootsale haul video, and i'm warning you now I am so cringey! Hahaha, I am trying to get used to talking into a camera, on my own, in my room... it's scary! But hey, go easy on me, i'm getting quite into it! Hopefully YouTube is the next step in my "career"... we'll see how it goes!

Please don't laugh at me :( haha.
Lucy x
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Millie said...

love everything you bought! xx

Rebecca Perks said...

I wish I had a boot sale like this where I live! I really love your style.

Bec xx

Rebecca Perks said...

Also i'm considering you tube too! IM SCARED! X

Unknown said...

I really need to go a car boot sales n got some really cool stuff there !

Abbie said...

I love all your bargain buys! Wish I had your wardrobe :) x

Katieli said...

You are so adorable! hhaha I can't believe you got so much good stuff for so cheap..So funny that you considered this haul not a lot! Great bargains!

Remi said...

You are so funny in that video,now I need to start looking for boot sales in my area,I can t miss a bargain and charity shops have increased their prices lately ;)

Sadie said...

You go to the best car boot sales! You got some right bargains! Especially those 50p curlers!! Love the playsuit :) xx

Lara said...

So jealous of the stuff you find at boot sales. The vintage fringed top is gorgeous and the tartan scarf is a great buy!

Nico And Bri said...

you are so funny! I love when you do videos! Please make more! And that vintage lace top is really cool!

Floral Danielle said...

I love the sandals, tasseled top and floral playsuit!
I bought the black River Island top in the sale for £19.99! Stupid me haha! :)

... said...

The fringed top is amazing! Your videos aren't cringey at all I love watching them, slowly helping me pluck up the courage to do some myself.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha naaw, I watched the video yesterday, you're SO CUUTE!! Trust me, I have literally NO charisma on video. I'm so monotoned and just like.. blaah blaaah blaaah, I'm so cynical.... mmmm, helloooo. Anyway, you found so much stuff! I can't even begin to imagine how huge your wardrobe must be!

Unknown said...

the sandals and fringed tee are so pretty. You can pick up some great stuff at carboots and charity shops. Love your blog! New follower :) x


Talons and Posies said...

Hey lovely lady! I am the new owner of of your beautiful Topshop dress purchased via Trixy Vintage! I love the dress and got so many comments wearing it out this weekend. Check out my post in it:

Love Carley @ Talons and Posies xx

ylenia said...

Cool items, your style is amazing!!
I was wondering if you would like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse on my online fashion magazine, it means that you will have your outfits published there!....write an e-mail at to learn more!
I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will visit my blog too and let me know your opinion...maybe you could follow me back if you like it!

Last time by Ylenia Labate

Aspyn J. said...

pretty sure if i lived in london, i'd be going to boot sales too! (didn't even know that boot meant trunk at first. thank you misfits!)

Unknown said...

I love car boots they're amazing!
Check out my car boot haul if you want to xx

fox hunter said...

oh my goodness, these items are just amazing and the price is even more amazing haha. love those sandales and fringe top and tartan scarf and.. ok ok i love everything. i'm now following hehe you've a lovely style :-)

missglamourista89 said...

Oh Wow, that's cheap and so amazing. Why don't we have in germany
such awesome car boot sale?:D I need to visit the uk again very quickly haha ;)

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