Sunday, 18 March 2012

You gotta act like a woman, and think like a man

I hate how much my boyfriend bets. But I love it when he wins. So we went shopping.


p.s. can't stop listening to Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo's new song. They both have SUCH beautiful voices! "In love, you gotta act like a woman, and think like a man."

p.s.s. I am selling a pair of size UK6 black suede double sole creepers on eBay here if any of you are interested.


Abbie said...

Looks like a very successful shopping trip! love the floral trousers xx

Anonymous said...

Love the studded skirt!

Claire said...

The studded skirt is gorgeous! I nearly tried the floral trousers on the other day but didn't have the time :(

georgia.x said...

in love with the creepers i want these myself!

The Lamb said...

Those creepers and that skirt are to die for!

Jen said...

the floral trousers and the leo print creepers - I die!

J x


Wow it looks like you got alot of good stuff!

Katrina said...

I need those galaxy print leggings. I wish I could purchase your creepers!

xoxo -

Anonymous said...

creepers <3

Janna said...

Love the galaxy leggings! x

Leigh Travers said...

I used to love it when my boyfriend used to gamble and win a lot, because he'd take me shopping as well. Unfortunately/Fortunately he gave it up. Beautifulllll creepers!

Leigh xx

amber tanc said...

these are all such amazing pieces, love the creepers xx

Anonymous said...

So cool stuff!

R▲CHEL said...

the floral pants are awesome, and im loving those galaxy leggings too!

Vic said...

love the creepers! really nice blog...newest follower :)X

check out my blog -

Chanel Kadir said...

Them dalmatian underground creepers are beautiful! I always adore your outfits, so original and stylish.

Check out my blog please

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

those shoes are amazing!

helen @

Me and Moustaches said...

Those are the most beautiful and amazing shoes I think I have ever seen! Oh.. just too stunning!

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