Monday 19 March 2012

Galaxy Leggings

LEGGINGS:topshop SHIRT:h&m LEATHER JACKET:new look HOODIE:primark SHOES:asos

Today's outfit featuring my new leggings. I can't work out if they are meant to be paint splatter print or galaxy... they look like both. I dressed them casually for uni with my trusty hoodie and leather jacket combo, and platform converse.

Currently watching A Clockwork Orange with my boyf. This film is so weird. I think i'd rather just blog!

This weekend i'm gonna do a post on how to transform your wardrobe for spring/summer. I love switching up my wardrobe for different seasons! :)



LydiaJaneHann said...

Love the leggings and shirt together! I agree about A Clockwork Orange, my boyfriend tried to make me watch it with him.. It was way to strange for me so I went to bed haha! x

Katrina said...

I vote galaxy!
IKR about A Clockwork Orange. My room mate loves it, but every time I watch it I just fall asleep!

xoxo -

Chi said...

OMG im love with your leggings!

Joy Shana said...

Love those leggings u look cute

Rita said...

nice i want those!!!

Lara Inez said...

these look lovely on you :)

AsherleighR said...

Love the leggings, they are wicked!xx

Leigh Travers said...

I actually love A Clockwork Orange, but it is a rather strange film I must admit. Those galaxy leggings look great on you!

Leigh xx

Ancille said...

The leggings and shoes are amazing!!
I love how you layered the top half of the outfit so the leggings aren't to strong!! Very nice :)

Ancille xx

Janna said...

Wauw! xx
Follow me back?

georgia.x said...

looooove the leggings! and the flatforms, i want both!

Claudia Kitten said...

Looking lovely, those leggings are so nice!
Claudia xxx

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

I've been contemplating buying these leggings and I think you've just sold them to me! looking forward to your wardrobe update post,I'm getting bored of layering until summer! :)


Anonymous said...

Where's the necklace from?x

Alison Ruth Usher said...

i have the older version of these legging, more pastely. but hey i love these and i love your blog! now following :) xxx

Unknown said...

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anosh said...
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anosh said...
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