Monday 12 March 2012

London Town

JEANS:h&m FLORAL TOP:topshop/ebay CROSS JUMPER:asos SHOES:dr martens

Popped into central London today to do a few bits for uni. It was another beautiful day! I actually don't mind early mornings when the weather is nice. We ended up in a pub on Carnaby Street for lunch and a drink. A bottle of cider cost me £4.35, I wanted to cry!

Amazing ugly shirts in Beyond Retro

Lily Allen's vintage shop!

Liberty is probably the prettiest shop ever!




Lara Inez said...

love those jeans!

Unknown said...

Love your cross jumper! ooooh, looks amazing! wish i could see lily's shop! xoxo

Unknown said...

love the floral top :) x


Those pants are awesome! You look badass.

Faye's Fancies said...

gorgeous as always!
will have to take myself to saville row and browse :) xox

Chelsea Jade said...

I love those jeans! And you snapped some lovely photos of London :)

Panna Kazikowa said...

Gorgeous jeans and jumper! Love it! <3

Jade said...

'Amazing ugly shirts' haha! you look lovely as always! x

Mantenso said...

love your outfit but i must say those jeans rock (:
mantenso xx

Katrina said...

Your beetle juice pants rock.

xoxo -

Unknown said...

Everything about this is awesome!

Zoé said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoé said...

ZoéMar 12, 2012 02:48 PM
Really nice outfit and great post - everything rocks! (In every sense of the word) Nice blog and great photos... I have nothing more to say than 'Beautiful!' and 'I agree about the Liberty shop' :)

Anonymous said...

Love your style!!and love beyond retrò!!
please take a look to my blog and let me know if you like it!

Abbie said...

YOU are to cool!!

Unknown said...

Really great photographs!

Drea xo

Jen said...

that jumper you have on, I want it too!
great shots, you visited one of my fav Beyond Retros - some the best vinny gems are in that branch.

J x

Selena said...

your style really inspires me. yes to vertical-striped pants!

GREEDS said...

I can't wait to visit London in a few months, this post makes me so anxious!

As far as YOU... You can do no wrong... Between the stripes and florals, you're amazing!

daisychurchward said...

Oh so jealous of your visit to London. I desperately need to go. I need so much money!
Those trousers are brill,I got them in Paris a few weeks ago and just want to wear them constantly.

Anonymous said...

i love your style hun. I'm now following :)

check out my blog and follow back if you like


Leigh Travers said...

Every time I visit home in London the drinks prices make me want to sob too, so I know how you feel! You've taken some beautiful photographs. Also, I still need those stripey jeans in my life! xx

Unknown said...

Great post, dear! Congrats for your blog, it's very cool! I'm your newest follower and I wanted to invite you to follow me back. I hope you will! XOXO
- Ladyfairy

xxyy said...

great outfit! love your jeans. xx

Rosy Emily said...

Amazing outfit!


Hannah said...

love the outfit!
H x

Unknown said...

I so badly want to visit beyond retro! :( You look so nice, I love your outfit.


rachel s said...

you are SUPER adorable and so is your blog. i love floral prints and flowers so much <33

LuckySweetChild said...

These look so pretty. Great post & great blog!
My Blog:

following 4 me and I follow 4 u back^_^

Josie said...

I love your jeans! I keep seeing them on other people but not in store :(
Beyond Retro is one of the best shops, not that many people seem to know where it is though, I suppose it is kinda hidden. xxx

Unknown said...

Love your Asos top

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