Thursday, 29 March 2012

Striped skater dress

DRESS:primark CARDIGAN:charity shop BACKPACK:asos SHOES:asos SUNGLASSES:charity shop
Today's little outfit :) I bought this striped skater dress aaaages ago and it has been sitting in my wardrobe with the tags on ever since. Thought I would give it a bit of love today since it was so hot. I paired it with my neon orange granny cardi and aztec backpack for a simple summery look. I'm definitely loving being able to get my legs out at the moment, but typically it will probably be cold and raining next week!


p.s. ALSO I hit 700 followers! Yaaay! Just wanna say a lil thank you to everyone who follows me and comments. I still get all excited when my phone buzzes and I get to read your cute little comments! It really makes me happpppppy!


ressu/sini said...

I just love the backback !!

Lydia said...

ahh you just look fab all the time! love that cardigan, so cute. x

Unknown said...

That dress is amazing and from Primark at that!

Katrina said...

Your platform sneakers make me jealous of life.

xoxo -

Nichole said...

Really love this combination! Beautiful outfit.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. You are amazing! I really adorable your quirky style. That cardigan is such a lovely colour and the bag is waaaay cool. Also, I've never seen anyone pull of sneakers the way you can! LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I love this look, it looks so relaxed but really pretty at the same time. I really love your blog and style sense. Keep on blogging :D

Love Emily X

Valerie said...

I love those pieces put together!

Me and Moustaches said...

I like the thought of owning a neon bright cardigan, to put with black or white(like you have) I think this outfit is just so cute and lovely! Congratulations on 700 followers, you deserve so many more because your style is amazing!

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Love that stripes dress!!! Great backpack too.... Looking good!

Unknown said...

love love love the stacked shoes! too good! i tried on a pair but they looked like clown shoes on me, so jel you work them like this xxx

Unknown said...

Reeeally love this outfit! That cardi is really fab, and congrats on 700 followers!

Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

Abbie said...

congrats on 700 followers! I love your blog and always check out your outfit post, keep up the fab work :-) xx

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

I am obsessing over you, WAHHHHH. <33 your style makes me feel all warm and fuzzy insideee

sys said...

Never read your blog before but i love it! Congrats on all your followers, you deserve them! you just got one more!

I love that backpack!

Smile. You are in Paradise! said...

You look wonderful! Where did you buy shoes and a backpack?

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