Monday, 5 March 2012

It's me again

Another long wait for my next post... in a way it's good because i'm actually feeling a bit motivated to actually do my uni work, at last! Blogging has literally taken over my life so i'm tending to post less frequently now. I often look forward to my favourite bloggers doing a new post, so maybe it will leave you looking forward to when I do post, even if it is just once or twice a week. I could even do a roundup of my weeks outfits all in one post at the weekend?

Anyway, we're finally past the "basics" stage on my uni course, and are allowed to get a bit creative now, yay! One of our current projects involves designing and making an outfit which must include a skirt, and i've chosen to draw my inspiration from 90's fashion. Think of a young Gwen Stefani, and my old favourite tv show, Saved By The Bell, and you've got the look i'm going for! Florals, tie dye, bleached denim, wild prints and looooads of bright unmatching colours. Here's a few photos to give you an idea, don't you just LOVE the ugly prints?!

I'll be sure to show you my creation once it's finished! 

Today's outfit is possibly my laziest one to date... my new hoodie is literally the cosiest thing ever, so I think i'll be living it from now on. I can never be bothered to dress nice for uni anymore. I also dyed my hair lavender but it's kinda faded and gone all poo coloured now... I can't be bothered with it,  i'm just like whatever.

HOODIE:primark DENIM JACKET:levis/ebay MAXI SKIRT:h&m/charity shop FLORAL TOP:primark SHOES:office

Tuesday night I went to see Pendulum, Mistajam and Borgore at The Forum, which is the nightclub at my uni, in celebration of my friend Jazz's birthday. It was SO fun! Go check out her blog <3



Lauren said...

Love these pics from the 90's a real blast back to my childhood!

Haru in Wonderland said...

There's something really fascinating about the 'ugliness' of the 90s. *_*

Lydia said...

love this post! your outfit is cool as ever x

2ndHandCinderella said...

LOVE the inspiration,look forward to seeing the finished outfit! :)

Sheree Milli said...

you always look good. x

Jess said...

love gwen's furry bikini top! also, anything that hilary wears in the fresh prince is always MAJOR xx

Sweet Monday said...

I was like is that a photo of saved by the bell?!! Had to take a look :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Looks like you had a great night out :) I wish my uni had done amazing nights like that x

sweet monday

GREEDS said...

Honestly, you can wear whatever you want because your hair brings life to ANY outfit, so that's pretty rad. As far as the 90's, in my mind, they never died. I still believe that Lisa Frank rules over everything and long live the Spice Girls. Saved by the Bell is one of the best shows, along with Full House... Ugh, every 90's show, really... And Gwen Stefani never stopped being amazing! Really can't wait to see the outcome.

Forever Fashion said...

Love to see a round up of all your outfits!

Stephanie said...

I really love your outfit. I can't wait to see your creation

Faith Wall

Katrina said...

I'm living for your floral blouse. And I can't wait to see your 90's outfit!!! Ugly prints indeed.


Soph. said...

Love these photos. Can't wait to see your next project!

Xox Soph

MERI WILD said...

So cool !!

Zoe said...

This is great!!!! Do you want to follow each other¿?

Lucy Rance said...

If you like my blog, feel free to follow me :)

melza14 said...

your hair looks fabulous xxxxx

~ katie rebecca noble ~ said...

The Forum... gah I thought I had seen you around my area and I guess this just confirmed my suspicions haha! Lovely outfit :-)

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