Monday 9 September 2013


SHIRT: New Look, £17.99
PLEATHER SKIRT: c/o Missguided

LEATHER JACKET: c/o Miss Selfridge
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Miss KL (20% off with my code "LULUTRIXABELLE")
SUNGLASSES: Le Specs c/o Miss KL

I seem to have the worst luck with cats lately. I lost two of my own within the last year, and now this has just added to the cat shaped hole in my heart. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know, that me and Luke got a cat together about 6 months ago (unfortunately we aren't together anymore which makes things even harder - thought I should let you all know) and on Saturday morning she was hit by a car and sadly had to be put to sleep. I'm getting all emotional just writing this, so I won't go into too much detail, but her injuries meant she'd never live a normal life again even if we did decide to go ahead with surgery. We are both absolutely devastated and heartbroken. She was the sweetest, fluffiest, most gentle little kitty in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly (ok actually she did like to eat spiders) but she was just the perfect cat, so so adorable, cute and gorgeous. We miss her so much. Life is just so unfair sometimes, she had such a long, loving and fun life ahead of her and it kills me that she was taken away from us.

Kisses with mummy
The fluffiest tail in existance!
How gorgeous is she?!
Taking her outside for the first time
FIrst time in the snow!
She came in all soaked from the rain, wrapped up in a towel looking ADORABLE!
Looking so cute before bed
She was so tiny!
Sprawled out in bed, LOL!
So lazy!

I'm now completely cat-less, which is very depressing for a crazy cat lady like myself. It helps a little that three of my neighbour's cats regularly come to visit, though they're moving away in October which is sad :( I'm a cat lady at heart, I need a cat to be happy. Here come the tears again... bye guys.

(A quick note about the outfit - I wasn't sure about this one, you know when you photograph an outfit and it looks different on camera? The shirt was inspired by an unlikely style icon... Harry Styles! I saw him in a similar Burberry shirt recently and had to have one).



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Unknown said...

Those shoes are heavenly! I need them.

Sarah | More Than Adored

Unknown said...

You look awesome, love the shoes
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Studs On Saturday said...

sorry you lost your cat lucy, i'd be devastated if i lost mine :( hope things get better soon, and you look lovely as always
sara x

Ses RĂªveries said...

So sorry about your cat! I lost both of mine a long time ago and I still can't bear getting another :( hope you feel better soon. The outfit looks amazing though! :)

K x

The Chaotic Dreamer

Unknown said...

:( awwww! Well, your kitties are in a better place playing together. :) This outfit is awesome! It would be so awesome if one day we could go thrift shopping together. Sorry if that sounds weird.

A Fabulous Hippie

Zandra May said...

The asymmetric skirt and sandals are amazing!
Aww that's so sad about your cat :(

Unknown said...

aaah love this, the shirt is amazing and the shoes are just killer! sorry to hear about your beautiful kitties, I'm a huge cat lady too and I lost one of my furry family a few weeks ago and was heartbroken. totally understand how you feel lovely xo

Rosie Savage said...

Oh I'm so sorry :( sending you lots of love.
Looking gorgeous as ever,

Rosie x

Andini Ria said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, losing a pet can be the hardest thing. I had a similar experience with my dogs. All my thoughts are with you and hope things will look up soon! xx

Unknown said...

oh doll i'm so sorry! looks like you're having a really tough time! She's a beauty, looks like she had a lovely life though <3 loosing a pet is devastating :( sending hugs and love xxxxx

Laura Rogan said...

Sorry about your cat :( and that you're neighbours cats are leaving! Mine died too and then I moved to another house and my neighbours cat practically lives with me now so I know how you feel!
Also the skirt is gorrrrgeous!

Style Crescent said...

Your shoes are gorge and love that skirt!!! :)

So sorry to hear the bad news :( xxx Sending hugs your way!


Grace said...

So sorry to hear about your poor little kitty! When mine goes I think I'll be an emotional wreck :( Love the outfit though and hoping those other cats can keep your spirits up while you're feeling low,


Dressed By S said...

That pleather skirt is way too gorgeous
S xx

Unknown said...

Awwh it sounds like you've had a hard time lately lovely :( if this stuff happened to me I would be wearing my onesie for days on end probs not washing my hair or putting on any makeup, but you still look gorgeous and fab as ever, so you're stronger than I!
I've been internally crying over that skirt because they sold out in my size (story of my life). Those shoes are absolutely killer too. xxx

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Awww lovely I'm sorry for you kitty cat loss :( animals become part of the family don't they! I'm sorry to hear about your break up too lovely - I hope you're okay!

Elizabeth x

Hollie Ryan said...

So sad to hear about your cat! At least all the other cats are supporting you ;) Love this outfit!

Young and broke said...

Sorry to hear about your cat dude :/ , you look amazing though and I love that skirt!!


Unknown said...

Awww poor kitty!
Lovely outfit.


Shannon Beer said...

Love the outfit, especially the skirt! So sad to hear about your kitty:( x

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo sorry to hear about your cat misfortune! I feel the same way though; even when I'm on vacation for just a few days away from my at I get anxious and upset! I can't imagine how you must feel!

Hope you feel better soon; and great steal on the shirt!

XO Sahra

Sarah // DOTTY said...

Absolutely gutted for you. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

I read this post on buzzfeed today about cat print clothes, I thought you might love it as a fellow cat lady
Hope you feel a little better soon
big love


Hannah Louise said...

This post is heartbreaking! </3 I hope you're ok lovely lady.
That skirt is fab :-)

Hannah x

Unknown said...

gorgeous outfit! Its awesome, those shoes as well :O So sorry to hear about your loss :( She was beautiful!

Hayley xx

Terri said...

I'm a cat lady too and would be heartbroken if my cat dies. I'm sorry to hear about you loss! I absolutely love this shirt, I've been looking for one but I've had no luck yet.

Terri x

Unknown said...

I couldn't imagine losing my cat... My heart would break :( So sorry for your loss! Love the outfit, and I love your blog too. Following! xx Romy

Mini Style Child said...

Lovin the skirt!

dfordakota said...

so sorry about another kitty Lucy, hope youre okay
Love that skirt xx

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