Wednesday, 18 September 2013

LFW DAY 1 & My Travelodge Stay

LEMON DRESS: Car boot sale, £1
SHOES: Dr Martens, £50 (with discount)
BELT: Charity shop, 30p
BAG: c/o My Luxury Taste
HAT: c/o Miss Selfridge

First off let me apologise for the bad quality photos - stupidly I forgot to take ANY blog worthy shots in this outfit so iPhone quality will have to do! I started London Fashion Week day 1 bright and early, waking up in my lovely hotel room kindly provided by Travelodge. I had a couple of events the night before, so thought it made sense to stay on Thursday night so I could get a good nights sleep. I stayed in Waterloo so it was just a 10/15 minute walk across the river to Somerset House - perfect! I had a very busy day ahead of me, first off I had to head to the New Look Refuel Room to film some footage with them for their LFW campaign.

The day before I was invited to the New Look flagship store on Oxford Street to choose an outfit (you can imagine how excited I was!) which we we then styled up, had our make-up, nails and eyelashes done, all in preparation for our first day of London Fashion Week. The Refuel Room was amazing - everything a blogger needs to keep chilled (and full of smoothies, champagne and food) during our hectic few days. Here's the outcome - i'm being my cringey self as always!

My hotel room was lovely, all I needed and ideal for a germ freak like me - it was SO clean. All the beds were brand new, crazily comfy and so crisp clean - so I was a very happy girl. After my night out I had a lovely hot shower, made a coffee and chilled out watching TV. That's all you need really - so i'd definitely recommend Travelodge if you're on a budget like me! :)

As for the rest of the day, somehow I didn't manage to attend many shows at all as I got so sidetracked attending blogger events. The Handpicked Media suite provided us with FAR too many goodies (I literally had about 5 bags full) which I couldn't be bothered to carry round Somerset House, so we ended up chilling in the New Look Refuel Room for the rest of the day, before popping to The Apartment - an AMAZING multi million pound apartment overlooking Covent Garden piazza - purely for bloggers to just chill! I was invited as a guest of Motel but there were lots of other brands showcasing their stuff there - Birchbox, Opening Ceremony, Claire's, Pinterest, RewardStyle and more.  Motel were showing off their fab vintage collection where bloggers could customise a piece to keep & also post styling tips on the cutest little tags! I then headed back to the hotel with Becca for a romantic dinner of McDonalds, haha. So classy.

Feast your eyes on this, it's just my dream house!




Unknown said...

You look awesome, LOVE your lemon dress!
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Shannon Beer said...

Love your dress, wish I went to lfw it sounds amazing x

Rosanne said...

Ohh it looks so amazing! That apartment is just the ultimate dream to live...

X Rosanne

Abbie said...

All sounds immense :-) loving the Mac as you still get to show off your dress!! xx

Inês Aniceto said...

wow, so jealous...

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had the best time! You look gorgeosu xo

Unknown said...

ah that dress is a dream on you! you look stunning xo

Amber Dennett said...

wow so jealous, looks like you had so much fun! x

Anonymous said...

Great coverage on what you got up to at LFW. The New Look refuel room looks awesome. Glad you had fun and I want you dress. Can't believe it's only a £1.



leopardheels said...

this dress is beautiful:)

Shabna said...

All the photos look amazing, so jealous!! Adore your necklace :O

Tia Aaliyah said...

Lovely photos, the apartment looks amazing! x

Hollie Ryan said...

Looks like you had an amazing time, so jel!

Billie Astrid said...

This all sounds so amazing, definitely a tad jealous haha.
You have the best taste in clothing, accessories and everything else! I'm in love with your lipstick and your lemon dress.

Unknown said...

omg gorgeous outfit i really LOVE that dress!

Hayley xx

Elána said...


Unknown said...

That mac is fantastic!

Georgina at

Unknown said...

obsessed with this dress!

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