Wednesday, 18 September 2013


All photos taken by me, if used please credit with a link to this blog!

Believe it or not, this season was my first ever London Fashion Week experience. I've always been a bit baffled as to how to actually get tickets to shows, turns out it's pretty simple! I managed to get my hands on tonnes of tickets, but didn't end up attending a lot of them, as I was just so busy doing other things. I didn't realise how manic it would all be! I'll go into it more in my next posts but there was lots of blogger events going on, so I got very sidetracked!

It's exactly how I imagined it - all the fashionistas out in their craziest "NOTICE ME" outfits, hanging around Somerset House waiting to get photographed, "totally unaware" that they've got 5 cameras on them. It was pretty ridiculous really. I did spot some pretty cool outfits though and managed to snap a few street style snaps amongst all the madness and chaos. I bumped in to so many blogger pals and ended up sitting around chatting for most of the day (and being treated to drinks and goody bags) - so i'm not surprised I didn't make it to many shows!

Strangely I was most inspired by the boys this season. I feel like some "fash girls" come across as trying a bit too hard sometimes - and I saw a lot of very stylish men who seemed to look effortlessly cool. I do love a well dressed man and I think i'll be adopting a boyish style this Autumn/Winter. I'm already considering shaving my hair back and sides again - I miss my super short hair!

Back to normal blogging from now on. I've even started a new lifestyle/beauty/travel/food blog - so listen out for updates on that!




Unknown said...

Some great pictures! I love fashion week as it brings out everyone's creativity and style. How do you get tickets for Fashion Week? This has also baffled me! I was in Paris at the time for fashion week in spring, so me and my friends lurked around the Parisian venues watching everyone go in and out of the shows and snapping pictures of the style, but I'd love to actually go to fashion week one day!

Fashion Is Our Religion

Jazzie said...

Love these pictures - the one of the little boy is gorgeous! If you get some time I'd love to see a first timers guide to LFW post as I think a lot of bloggers act like a LFW pro so it would be nice to see another perspective.

Jazzie x

Anastasia said...

I was too busy to attend this yeat but will definitely attend in 2014. I am not particularly interested in the screaming-for-attention outifts,but i think simply by living in that hectic spirit and getting so many ideas, will get me inspired. Cant wait to see your new blog :)
xo Anastasia

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with that tartan look. It's so wrong that it's perfect xo

teff, THE don said...

Well-done, babe!


MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

I agree, this season men are in the center of attention with their style. Watching women, it's all about "having to much on them" and wearing the same 5 trend pieces...not being original at all. Lucky you, you got the tickets for fashion week. I still hope, I'll have some luck in October, when our fashion week starts. :)

Jane said...

Very inspiring silhouettes, I love your street styles !!

Gemma Talbot said...

I love all the matching suits with air max trainers. The tartan one is definitely my favourite. I couldn't make it to LFW this year, would have been amazing to meet you! X

Lou Lou said...

Love these street style snaps. I agree that some girls try far too hard to get noticed by photographers and wonder if a lot of them even have tickets for a single show! It's such a fun atmosphere though and it's nice that you met so many bloggers there. I didn't see you there but I just went to dress for PPQ's show. I hope I can attend some blogger events next time. x

Unknown said...

My dream is to go to LFW one time! I need to make it happen. It looks so amazing.

Megan xxx
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

Hola Bambi said...

amazing photos, loving the guy in the tartan shirt and trousers! x

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time! :D Love the pictures looking forward to you next post :D

Love CF x

By Monnyka said...

Wow! So so lovely photos!
Lovin every kind of outfit you posted.

keep posting

skadiida said...

great photos! you catch really stylish people and omg the child is the cutest ever! (:

check out my new blog:

Anonymous said...

Oh the little boy how gorgeous is he :D And the chap dressed smartly in his loafers, wow, what a HOTTIE!!!

Wish I could go to LFW, some day :D

Emily XxX

dfordakota said...

Love the guy in the tartan shirt and trousers!
That little boy is gorgeous too

Sarah // DOTTY said...

I spy the back of Heather's head, haha! Love these sorts of shots, I always think outfits look better when they're not posed. The KTZ jacket is siiiiick.

Shannen Smith said...

Obsessed with the tartan outfit and all red air max AH!
Hope you had a fab time, in Copenhagen too! x

leopardheels said...

Great photos!

Le Stage said...

I'm still pretty baffled about getting LFW tickets. What's the secret? I would frickin love to go to a show next season!!

TheMacaronAddict said...

That little kid is so cute! I love his outfit!

Unknown said...

Photos are so good! Know exactly what you mean about the mens style this season! Really love boyfriend jackets!

GeorgiaRose said...

Just spotted the green tartan trousers! They're from Each to Their Own boutique - i work there you should check it out!

Unknown said...

Love the mans pink suit! ....just found your blog really love all your stuff! great fashion sense! Ive only just started my blog but check it out!

Unknown said...

snaps are great! so spontaneous -

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