Sunday 14 July 2013


KIMONO: Car boot sale, £1
SHORTS: Bitching and Junkfood, £10 via Sample sale
WELLIES: c/o Aigle
BAG: c/o Paul's Boutique
SUNGLASSES: Charity shop, 40p
LIPSTICK: MAC Riri Woo, £14

Last Friday I popped up to Wireless festival with my bestie, thanks to Live Nation. Even though it was roasting hot, I still insisted on wearing my new Aigle wellies - they're so comfy and bright, and matched my kimono (possibly bargain of the year) perfectly! We had access to the lovely guest area, which was SO clean and chilled compared to the main festival area. It even had private clean toilets with NO queue - a massive deal for me as I pretty much can not stand to use public toilets! Germs and meh ew. We chilled on the deck chairs for most of the day drinking and eating yummy burgers and hotdogs from the very posh BBQ (proper rip off though - £7 for a burger whaaat). The guest area was on the "best view" hill which meant we could see all the stages - so we didn't even need to move all day! It was so relaxed and even better, it was the most perfect sunny day so we did a bit of sunbathing too. We bumped into the lovely Gracie of Ugly Face of Beauty who was also in the guest area, and spent part of the day with her having a little dance to Justin Timberlake! He was amazing duh.

I got to see my baby Frank Ocean and he sounds exactly the same live. I think they underestimated how many people would go to see him - he was on one of the smaller stages which was compleeeeetely packed out. So many people were screaming and crying as they were so happy to see him!

Did any of you guys go to Wireless? A couple of girls came up to me and said they read my blog, which was really cute! I always get so happy when that happens ha :)


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vv said...

so many bloggers went wireless! i didnt see a single one lol! what a shame

looked like you had an awesome time! xo
i can not believe your kimono was a pound =O
so lush

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

alliedavies182 said...

Amazing pictures, and that kimono is an unbelievable bargain!


Unknown said...

can u do a diy post or video on the fishnet shorts pls, saw rihanna wearing them too nd they look so good

Inspiration partout said...

Amazing kimono!!

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Sounds like you had a fab time lovely and great look - it was such gorgeous weather for it!

Elizabeth x

Unknown said...

You absolute babe - looka that kimono! Hope you had a brill time.

Megan xxx
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Fashion Blog

Young and broke said...

couldn't be more jel if I tried:( , My best friend went and didn't stop texting me to tell me how amazing all the acts were :(! Wish I was there! Looking amazing though!!

by Emmanuella said...

you look gorge, love the kimono!

Tanya said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. So jealous you saw Frank Ocean, he's such a hun. I definitely want to go to Wireless next year, the lineup is always so good. Your kimono was such a bargain! Love your whole outfit.

Little Black Russian


Andini Ria said...

Perfect festival outfit, love it so much!

Trina | Trinawears said...

Beautiful kimono! I wish I could have a festival trip!

Anonymous said...

can't believe that kimono was £1!

loveCaits said...

love the festival outfit! can't believe the kimono was a pound, and the wellies are fab!! love the photos xx

Lena said...

wireless looks amazing! love your outfit those little buns looks so cute x

Dressed By S said...

I wanted to be there :(
Love the kimono
S xxx

Caroline Jeffery said...

Very cute, LOVE IT

Gemma Talbot said...

Absolutely love your kimono! Wireless looked like so much fun. I wish I had gone x

Anonymous said...

Yet another amazing outfit!
Jessica xx

dreamer said...

Wow you look so perfect!

Jordane's Fashion Diary said...

amazing festival hair style! wireless was amazing, wish I could of seen a few bloggers!

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