Wednesday, 24 July 2013


FLORAL BOMBER: c/o Zalando
WHITE SHIRT: c/o Zalando
SHORTS: c/o Kaviar Gauche for Zalando
BELT: Charity shop, 30p
SHOES: New Look, £19.99

The lovely people at Zalando got in touch a few weeks back to ask if i'd like to work with them on their "Fashion Meets Music" campaign during this festival season. Of course I said yes! I chose to wear pop music as I really couldn't choose a favourite genre. My boyfriend always used to say the way I dress doesn't reflect the music I listen to (R&B, hip hop etc) but really, I like all genres! So I went for pop as I am a sucker for putting a mainstream song on repeat for 3 whole days. In keeping with the white trend, I went for matching shorts and shirt and added a subtle hint of colour with the jacket.

I'm off to London again today for a couple of press days/events. So I better go get ready!


P.S. Please remember to vote for me as "best established fashion blog" in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013 - I'll be forever grateful! :) 


Marmalade said...


Those shorts are amazing, yes please!!



Unknown said...

This bomber is perfect! Love this outfit, you look great! X

| Taxi for Jackson |

Anonymous said...

THis is stunning - obsessed with those shorts xo

Weronika.txt said...

Uwielbiam twoje outfity, są w zupełnie innym stylu, podobają mi się! <3

Zapraszam do mnie! Kliknij!

Andini Ria said...

Love the detailing on your top and shorts and how your lipstick goes perfectly with your bomber jacket! x

Lucy Ward said...

Them shorts are too die for!!!!

Sophie said...

The floral bomber is such a beauty!

Kudzai said...

This whole outfit is just so on point!! xox

Helen said...

Flawlesssss! LOVE the shoes and jacket.

Dressed By S said...

Gorgeous look
Love that bomber
S xx

L said...

This outfit is PERFECT Lucy! I love the white theme and the mix of textures. You look lovely x

Tanya said...

Ohh loving the white, that cut out blouse is gorge and that bomber is beautiful!

Little Black Russian


Melissa said...

kind of in love with those shorts

Unknown said...

Awesome outfit, LOVE the shorts!
♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Jen said...

crazy obsessed with the colour white and this outfit is perfection!


Unknown said...

You are beyond amazing <3

Unknown said...

WOW this outfit is amazing!

BethanyxAlice said...

Those shorts are gorgeous! Love anything appliqué at the moment!

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Ooo the shorts, I love them and great look darling

Elizabeth x

Unknown said...

Your outfit is perfect! Those shorts!
- Charlotte
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My shop –

Unknown said...

love the jacket x

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES! So amaze! Where are they from?

Sophie said...

That bomber is incredible, looks so dreamy with the rest of the outfit. Love your style and blog, and I voted for you in the Cosmo awards so best of luck!

I've added your blog to my blogroll, if you have a minute pleease check it out at


Soph xx

Tara McGovern said...

this outfit is soooo perfect!!

Ambika K said...

Love the grid cut out in the shirt!xx

Unknown said...

This outfit is gorgeous love the shorts !!
Misha x

Unknown said...

You have such an awesome sense of style. I don't think I've seen an outfit you didn't look lovely in!

Unknown said...

I adore this outfit. Its stunning and fresh. Stay fab


Unknown said...

why is it so pricey :(((((((((
lovely outfit though xo

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

Unknown said...

I heart that bomber jacket - hello!

Myra x

Alluring Style

Zandra May said...

such a sophisticated outfit but still so fun too :D love the cutouts, prints, colour palette, wahh everything goes perfectly together!

Unknown said...

Love that bomber jacket!!

Unknown said...

this look is gorgeous! prooving yet again that you are the queen of thrift finding a cute belt for THIRTY PENCE?! SAY WHAAAA!!!
Your hair like this is beautiful, love this!

mwah | xxxx

Unknown said...

the print on that jacket is beautiful!! Love the colouring of it :D

Love CF x

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