Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Recent outfits and purchases

TOP: Topshop, £12
TROUSERS: American Apparel via eBay, £45ish
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck, gift
NECKLACES: eBay, £2 each

^^Saturday night with my bestie





TOP: Charity shop, £2.99
SKIRT: Mums/George at Asda
SHOES: eBay, £30ish
BELT: Jumble sale, 10p
NECKLACE: Topshop sale, £1.50

^^Meal out with my boyf for our 2 years. Just to a local restaurant we love. Planning a little night away in London or by the coast next week, to celebrate it properly :)

A couple of this weekends outfits for ya... i'm sorry i've not been posting much :( This is my last week of my first year at university, I have a lot of work to do so probably won't be blogging for a week or so... I just think to myself if I knuckle down and work hard for the last week, I will be free for 5 months. But I had to give you a little quick update of course!

Today I had to go and buy a bit more fabric for my final project. I couldn't walk past Topshop and not go in, obviously! So I treated myself to a few bits as my student loan came through. I've got tonnes and tonnes of stuff to sell over the summer so they will definitely more than pay for what a spent today, just wait till the end of this post and you'll see... p.s. Office was also calling my name...

Topshop clothes, will all be featured in outfit posts soon! And introducing the newest member of my Jeffrey Campbell family, the Lita in taupe!

I have wanted a pair of nude/neutral coloured heels for ages. All my heels are either black or printed. These are so versatile so will go with hundreds of outfits. I might even man up and wear them in the day time, we'll see. With student discount these cost £108 which isn't bad at all considering all of my JC's from America have ended up costing £150+ with customs duty charges!

A couple of things I didn't like about this purchase... 1) Because they are suede, they will get dirty very quickly. There are already a couple of minor marks on the boots but I couldn't not buy them! And 2) the box is awful quality compared to my other ones!! I know it's only a shoe box but I usually LOVE the JC boxes, this feels so cheap and thin, and there's no cute leaflets inside or even any writing or photos on the inside like there usually is. For a £120 pair of shoes you'd at least expect a bit of protective packaging or some pretty photos to look at :(

You also might have noticed some of my photos look very "dreamy"... I got my new camera lens! I got the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, and I love it so much already. It gives the most beautiful blurred background (I know, i'm such a technical geek) but it really does make such a difference! Perfect for some little location outfit shoots i'm planning when I am free from uni.



Charlie Ellison said...

love everything you post lucy! and the JC's are lush [as always]


I have that skull crop top, love how you've styled it!
Claudia xxx

Hipstalur said...

The clothes from Topshop look AMAZING, you have such a variety of tastes! The pictures of your outfits are great. This is such a great blog!

Jenny said...

omg you look so beautiful!! I LOVE you shoes <3

Leigh Travers said...

I love how you and your friend both have Lita's on! I was so tempted by those ying-yang leggings in Topshop, I may have to go back for them! Also, I love the pastel ends on your hair - did you chalk pastel them or is it dye?

♥ Leigh

Lucy Rance said...

Thank you! Haha my love of JC has rubbed off on her. I used Crazycolor dye on my hair xx

Tee ♥ said...

Love the first outfit & all the JCs!! You are a beauty xx

Lozzii † said...

are they the topshop ying yang leggings? i was going to buy them but couldn't justify it haha! they are gorgeous though!

Ana QueenBee said...

Love your outfits and those white boots with the spikes on are insanely cool, has anyone ever told you, you look like paris hilton?

CULTstyle said...

LOVE that skull crop top X these outfits are perfect


Starry eyed X said...

Live ur outfits

AshleyRose said...

you look amazing in all your photos, as always! and i love the spiked white litas, soo pretty and differnt from the regulary black ones!x

Me and Moustaches said...

I cannot love your style more, it's amazing and so inspiring to me!

Lydia said...

wowww you are hot as hell!! love all your outfits. x

Birta said...

You are amazing!

Teenage Dirtbag said...

so cute! i absolutely love the first outfit, you look incredible!
oh and the yingyang leggings are so prefect x

Sophie said...

great pics and clothes! xxx

Cove Clothing said...

love every single thing in this post! especially the taupe litas!

2ndHandCinderella said...

Been debating whether to get that skull top for a while now and think you've just sold it to me!

P.s Hair looks gorgeous!


thekittenswhiskers said...

Loveee both of these! So good. I have my riding pants on right now too. I am particularly enjoying the skirt in your second outfit - yum!

Laila x

Anonymous said...

that skull crop is gorgeous! is it recent? xxxxxx

Jennifer Alyssa said...

Love it all! You look great!! I have those riding pants on right now! ha ha

Soph. said...

I freakin love!!! The first outfit is my fav.

Xox Soph

Glamorous Life

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Love the black and silver heels! Which seller on ebay did you get those from?

HannahBiggs said...

AH the outfits are amazing.
love your blog - definite follow :)
Hannah x

unstoppablestyle said...

you are absolutely gorgeous and can pull off anything you wear.

Janna said...

The white shoes in the first picture are so funky, love it!

Stokely Rainbow said...

i want your clothes!!! :D

AsherleighR said...

Love the outfits! The neon yellow top is amazing, and I love how you styled it!x

Lucy Rance said...



Lucy Rance said...

Yes it's still for sale in Topshop now :) xoxo

Rebecca Parker said...

Beautiful! <3

Miss Sarah Lee said...

I am addicted to Jeffrey Campbell, the Lita Spikes are to die for :D awesome x

Tessa Waddell said...

Why do I not have your wardrobe?! Those JC's (white spiked ones) are insane! Absolutely love everything and your hair is amazing!

*Frilly Socks And Docs* said...

mm love the first outfit! I'm always really conscious in crop tops unless it joins my skirt or trousers , you rock it so well! xx

Mexiquer said...

Oh god, so many jeffreys :) You're lucky!!! Thanks so much for your comment by the way!! An oh, I bought myself a size 34, wich is un UK sizes a 6/8 I guess because I'm very skinny but I guess it depends of your bust size and waist, you have to see for yourself :) I hope that size looks good on you!!*

Shaz said...

You look so perfect in the first outfit. I can't even describe it. Just gorgeous

Zoe Amelia said...

Love your Lita's! I'm desperate to own some... I currently have a pair in my 'basket' on the Office website but buying them would mean using money that I shouldn't, money that is part of my car service and Download Festival savings... but I want them so much!
Your hair looks cute with the colours :)

GemEmerald said...

Hi i love your blog, im so glad that i found it.I too love charity shops and jumble sales etc and i always look forward to seeing your latest finds and then how you style them.I really like your style i like how its unique and individual.These pics are great love the outfis and you have such a great figure.Great post as always.I always look forward to your blog posts xx

Violet E. said...


Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

i think everybody love Lita! and i really like your yellow top. it is fabulous!

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Sheree Milli said...

AMAZE!!!!! Your figure is banging too. x x x x

Abbie Turner said...

how do you find such brilliant (and cheap) clothes?!?! you're exceptional!

Constance said...

Stunning! love your blog!


TheStylePlaylist said...

your body is so perfect! such a pretty girl!

Darling Bonnie said...

I can dig it all! Fabulous looks as usual!
Darling Bonnie

emma-victoria said...

great style


Chelsea Jade said...

Gorgeous outfits, I love the skull print crop and the skirt in the second outfit! And its a shame yout JC's didn't come in the usual box! xx

Abbie said...

That crop top is amazing, I love skulls. You have a stomach to die for!!

Nesha said...

Love these outfits Lucy. You know im a sucka for crop tops, high waist bottoms, and litas! Also I want to thank you for mentioning me on Twitter, that was really sweet of you :D!!!

Annia said...

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kirstyb said...

loving those shoes x

kiss me quick said...

I really like this photo!!
Your blog is so cute. Loved it!


Pixie May said...

Do you have magazines as your bedside thing with your lamp on? if you do that is such a good idea!! haha, I've got so many just lying around and don't know what to do with them xo

Lucy Rance said...

Yes :) I've always wanted to and I finally got enough magazines to do it!! x

LydiaJaneHann said...

Amazing outfits! Your hair is so pretty! xx

ressu/sini said...

ur body is perfect! and those shoes are awesome!

Lipstick & Black said...

Wowza I love your style!! Amazing bunch of clothes you have :)

Amy xx

Roxee Horror said...

Love your outfits, especially the first one with the white spiked heels! I love I need some of them in my life!! I love your blog you have awesome fashion sense. Follow for Follow?
Love Roxee @

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