Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Blonde 'fro & jumble sale bargs

I'm sowwy for taking so long to post! I am in my last two weeks of my first year of university and have a LOT of work to do :'(

Last weekend consisted of BARGAINS, bargains and more bargains. I went to a jumble sale on Saturday with my Mumma and got all of the above, between us we only spent about £12 and got ALL OF THAT! It was 30p a piece and 10p each for belts and bags. Going to car boot sales make charity shops seem expensive, but going to jumble sales make even car boot sales seem expensive! They really are ridiculously cheap. The perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday morning. 

On Saturday I curled my hair, i've wanted to have a blonde afro for toooooo long! On Sunday I did a bootsale with my mum. We cleared out the garage, got rid of loads of junk and made a nice bit of pocket money while we were at it.
TOP: Topshop via boot sale

My mum whilst doing a car boot sale "Ooooh let me take some photos for your blog" - she's too cute!

Got lots of work to get on with now :(


JOJOxo said...

please do a tutorial on your hair like that.. i love it it''s gorgeous!! :-)

Nina said...

Oh wow your new hair looks amazing! And congrats on all your amazing finds!

Megan said...

Twelve pounds for all of those gorgeous clothes, its unreal! Brilliant bargains, can't wait to see posts where you're wearing them! The hair looks so good on you, it's gorgeous! keep posting!

Amaiyuu said...

De verdad; eres increíble!

manths said...

Love the hair - I really want a blonde afro too!! You look very Rita Ora-esque!!
tutorial please!
Sam xx

AsherleighR said...

The hair looks gorgeous!! I cant believe how many bargains you got for just £12, thats amazing!!!x

georgia.x said...

in love with this post!!

Lauren said...

you look so much like rita ora with your hair like this! beautiful x


eeeee thank you, I LOVE her! <3

Anonymous said...

lucky lucky girl xxxxx

Janna said...

Your hair <33

Me and Moustaches said...

I cannot believe the amazing bargains you got especially for some really lovely pieces! I must get myself down to jumble and car boot sales (:

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Your hair looks AMAZING!!! you look like someone famous but I cant work out who!? I cant beleive you got all that stuff for £12!! I need to get myself to a jumble sale, where abouts was the one you went to? xxx

Madii said...

wow you got so many amazing bargains that's EPIC!! Can't wait to see some posts of you wearing the skirts!!!!!!!!!xx

me. myself and i x said...

hair looks amazing!!! it makes me think of rihanna for some reason, rita ora! u glam lady you! x

Anonymous said...

love it!! are you mixed? it's not just the hair you just have a very unique look :)


Tessawa said...

your hair is amazzzing! Love it curly!

Laila said...

Amazing jumble sale buys! I'm going to my first of the season next week, hope I'm even halfway as lucky as you. You curly hair looks fab and that last pic is super cute!

Laila x

hevmac said...

Loving the blonde fro,it looks hot with the red lips going to need to find some car boot sales near me because iv been looking for an old school Adidas jumper forever!!xx

Tia Aaliyah said...

Love your hair like that! x

Stylist Steph said...

I love your hair!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks amazing!

esmedot said...

wow you look amazing!! definitely resemble Rita Ora!
I think were doing a bootsale this weekend if the weather holds out, I normally go home with more stuff than I go with!!
love esme x

Unknown said...

Wow so many bargains especially that striped shirt!

Riley Ellise said...

So cheap, You have inspired me to go straight to the next jumble sale I find out about in my local area! I think I have the same coat as you in the bottom picture, topshop! :D

Unknown said...

Your hair looks GORGEOUS woman! Loving the curls!
Really fab pieces you've picked up, I cannot wait to be back in England and car boot and jumble sale-ing all over the place!

Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

Jen said...

OMG you look SO pretty with a blond 'fro.


Unknown said...

You look soo adorable with curls!! Im soo obsessed hehe! Great buys BTW!!

Joanne said...

Wow what great finds, I wish they had car boot sales over here! Love the hair btw!

joanne from

Amber Dennett said...

You really suit your hair blond and curly, maybe even more than pink! <3

Unknown said...

Usually hate when girls do that to their hair but it looks really well on you. You got some lovely bits in the jumble x

Elizabeth Daisy. said...

Just discovered your blog and I freakin' love it and those curly locks are beaut! Following you!

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

You're so 80's and cute with your red lippy and blonde fro!
Looks like you've picked up some pretty awesome bargains! Jealous.

Zoe Amelia said...

Wow, I can't believe how much you got for that price :-o Looking forward to seeing some outfit posts coming from this :) Your hair is gorgeous!

Martha said...

Your fro is sick! hahah You've made me want to get on Car boot sales. When my life settles down (post exams) I'm going to get myself to a car boot sale!

Unknown said...

love ur combo :)
follow u now do check my blog and follow back. cheers!

Unknown said...

I love jumble sales and charity shops, so many bargains!
Also your hair looks amazing, so jealous!

Lauren x

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