Saturday 7 April 2012



SHIRT: Charity shop - £1.99
SKIRT: Jumble sale - 30p
LEATHER JACKET: New Look - £15
HAT: eBay - £2
SHOES: Office - £85 (gift)

Today's little outfit. Apparently I look like a burglar in this hat according to my boyfriend... I personally think I look like a bit of a hobo? Anyway, I had popped into town with my mum to go to the hospital to sort out my lovely infected ear, but would have had to wait 3 hours. I hate hospitals. We thought sod that... shall we go charity shopping instead? It certainly made me feel better. My mum treated me to a few little bargains, charity shopping just makes us so happy! My perfect day will always be charity shopping with my mum and a nice pub lunch. Here's what I bought...
 Black and white striped playsuit - £3.49, Age UK
 Lace shirt, £2.99, Age UK
 Perfect white silk vest, in my size for once, £2.49, Age UK

 Powder pink pleated skirt, £3.25, Grove House

 Various vintage belts, 50p-£1 each, Keech/Oxfam
 Floral dress, £4, Keech Hospice
 Levi's shorts, £2.50, Grove House
Lace hold ups, £1, Grove House

All in all a very successful trip. Now for a beautiful dinner of satay chicken, stir fry and rice! Deliciousssssss.



Unknown said...

Love that playsuit and the belts!! You're adorable!

Unknown said...

Love the outfit, the studding on the leather jacket is divine!

Helen said...

You find THE BEST stuff in charity shops! Love your outfit too, the skirt is awesome.

Unknown said...

you got some great stuff from the charity shops! so jealous x

Chaitea said...

How are you finding all of these awesome deals?
And if you were ever a burglar hobo, you'd make all the other ones jealous with your fashion sense x)
I hope your ear gets better soon!


Anonymous said...

That pastel skirt is gorgeous, I adore a charity shop myself :0


megleaisabelle said...

Oh my god how gorgeous is your velvet skirt guuuuuuuurl

Bekah said...

Wow how cheap are the charity shops by yours am jeleous fab finds..!! :-)

georgia.x said...

good finds! i never get decents jeans/shorts!

maphi bayolo said...

hope your ears are fine now !!! get well soon :)

ooooooohhhh take me charity shop shopping !!!!!! take me with you please xoxo

Anonymous said...

You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)
I also have an amazing GIVEAWAY on my blog, please check it out:)

Shannon Beer said...

Just found your blog. Omg I am in l o v e. Your style is amazing!xx

Ava said...

Ahhh where are these charity shops?!
In Brighton, all the charity shops are completely picked through and all the good pieces have gone :/
Such good buys!

sophie-anne said...

Your style is so original, love it!

Following, for sure.

Check out my blog if you like? :)

Anonymous said...

Great haul. I'm loving all your buys especially the belts :D


Unknown said...

Found your blog today and I cant stop reading ♡
Your style is great, really unique


esmedot said...

great outfit!! love the skirt! also great charity haul!

esme x

Unknown said...

It's amazing what ou can find in charity shops when you take a proper look! I definitely love them x

Jazz Banks said...


Chanel Kadir said...

Them belts are so cute!
Chanel X

Jen said...

the belts OMG gimme!
Love the look of course, massive fan of hobo chic.

J x

style-xyz said...

love this first photo! so cool!

Caroline Thornham said...

Those are some pretty awesome buys- I can't believe you found all of that in one outing. I normally have to struggle and search for ages before I find anything as nice as those pieces in our local second hand shops! Love your outfit too, that skirt is the biz. Following! x

KieraPUDSS said...

just found your blog i likesss it (:
followed x

Claudia Kitten said...

I love the gun necklace! Those levi shorts are a bargain!
Claudia xxx

Katrina said...

Your blog is awesome dollie!

xoxo -

Fowzia Madar said...

love the outfit! the skirt is amazing and i love your hair,


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I've found your blog, you're so pretty and your style is amazing!

Emma x

GREEDS said...

The first picture is so pretty!

Your taste is amazing, I always love seeing your newest purchases.

Sarah said...

Your sense of style is impeccable. I'm in awe at how brilliant it is! I love how you edited this photo; what program did you use? I hope you're having a lovely day xxx

DEMI said...

loveeee your blog honey
just keep posting and go for it :):)


Mimi said...

i am loving all of these! especially the pleated skirt and floral dress = love! ;)

<3, Mimi
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Haha, thank you! Cutie x


That's so annoying! I can see why, Brighton is full of cool fashionable people. Where I live it's just chavs and old people, so none of them would buy all the stuff I buy haha. xo


Thank you very much sweetie :) I used Gimp which is a free version of Photoshop, it has all the same tools/layout. xoxo


Love what you've done with this image! so cool x

Franzi said...

great colours! they fit together perfectly
thats what colour blocking is used to be :)

D. Famme said...

Pink hair was so much better, but you are still so stylish person.

Pinecone Stew said...

Have a SUPER week!

Unknown said...

soooo fierce. You have INSPIRED me to take a Photoshop course!!!
Also, I'm raping your tumblr constantly.

stay cool.


Nicci St. Bruce said...

You are bloody great.

Anonymous said...

Nice Look .! I lIke it !
Invite new nots : :)

Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous outfit Lucy! Perfect!
So bloody jealous of your Powder pink pleated skirt, i want!

Madii said...

Love the collection of belts you got <3 xo

Dressed In Yellow said...

I love your style. I also shop in charity shops alot =] xxx

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